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Passing out during pregnancy

this morning I passed out at grocery store. Im concerned. I'm so lightheaded today. Anyone else have troubles early pregnancy? 

Re: Passing out during pregnancy

  • Call your doc. Similar thing happened to me Friday night but luckily it was while I was sitting so I didn't actually fall. I brushed it off as early pregnancy woes after stupidly relying on Dr. Google and finally went to the doc on Monday. She read me the riot act and said this is something I should definitely call the office for immediately or if they're closed go to the ER. Likely was due to dehydration or just doing too much but it's best to take vitals immediately after something like that, not a few days later! Good luck.
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  • I passed out with my first pregnancy at a parade. I hadn't eaten or hydrated as much as I should've out of fear I'd get morning sickness.  As soon as I got water I started feeling better and then I ate and was fine. I called my doctor the next day and she said it can happen when you're pregnant. Standing in one place doesn't help your blood circulation. She didn't make me go into get evaluated.

    Try to take it easy today and make sure you're eating and have fluids. I'd call the doctor so they know what's going on. Recently a CNN anchor fainted because of pregnancy and a few years ago President Obama caught a woman standing behind him (maybe at his 2nd inauguration) who fainted because of pregnancy. 

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  • If you haven't already, you need to see a Dr.  Could definitely be a sign of something more serious, or something you could prevent in the future.
    Also, be sure you're eating enough calories and drinking plenty of water!!!
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