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Sitting up and crawling

My little one can't sit up by himself yet.  He rolls to the side as soon as I let go.  The other baby at daycare is 2 weeks younger and sits up and crawls.  I can't help but compare our babies.  Anyone else's little one not sitting up on their own yet?  

Re: Sitting up and crawling

  • My son turned 6 months on the 5th and if I sit him up he will stay there for a bit but eventually will fall over. He is not sitting himself up yet though. Only thing I could recommend is more tummy time. 
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  • My son just turned 6 months today. If I sit him up, he will stay that way for a minute or two then falls over. Nowhere near crawling. Try not to compare!
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  • Same. 6 months on the 4th and he is nowhere near either. He just mastered rolling both ways (consistently). He's a big boy though (28 1/2 inch and 18 1/2 lbs) doc was saying the bigger babies tend to take a little longer to sit up and crawl because it's more mass to control. Each baby is totally different though don't think too much into it.
  • I wouldn't worry. My LO started sitting unassisted at only 4mo old. For long periods of time. She's not almost 6mo and on all fours trying hard to crawl. My best friend's daughter is 8mo and just starting to sit short periods without immediately falling over. there's a reason sitting is considered normal for 4-9mo. 

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  • Mine can "tripod" really well, and can sit up on her own for limited amounts of time.

    My first was sitting up AND crawling at this age.  Really, I think that all babies are different.  I know it is hard not to compare kids, but try not to.  My three year old and her daycare friends all walked and crawled on different time schedules, and now they're all running around like lunatics together :)


  • My daughter sat up at 5mos and was mobile by 6mos, but DS is 6mos 2weeks and can only sit up by himself for a short while and ONLY if he is looking forward. If he gets distracted and turns his head to look at something BAM. Face plant. I blame gis giant dome haha all babies are different so I wouldn't compare ol' wonder baby to yours!

    Took DS to the Pedi today and she said keep the diapers loose, it helps them spread their legs wider which helps their balance :) 

  • My son is  just turning 6 months and he will sit for just a few mins by himself without falling but as soon as we lay him on the floor he's turning over on his belly then crawling backwards . So I'm assuming he will crawl forwards soon .
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