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Lee's Summit Daycare Options

Hi Ladies - Do any of you have suggestions for in-home or daycare centers? We are about six weeks along with our first child so I'm just starting the process of finding a place but it's very overwhelming! I am a full-time CPA so will definitely be going back to work full time after the baby is born. Any suggestions you could provide, good or bad, would be great!


Re: Lee's Summit Daycare Options

  • Presentation and olive tree are pretty good. Creative world too. I'd stay away from La Petite near Raintree. I worked there for years and it's the primary reason I'm glad to be a sahm. ICA isn't the best either mostly because they are so lax with structure and they can have up to 18 kids in the infant room because it's divided into "three rooms" by halfwalls. Chaos.
  • Great! Thanks for the suggestions!
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