Baby shower for twins even if im a STM?

I already had a baby shower for my first but my family wants to throw me one for the twins. We could really use the help since we need to buy a lot more stuff. However, i heard that you arent supposed to have a baby shower after your first. Does the whole having twins thing exempt me from that rule? did you have a shower if you had twins after your first? 

Re: Baby shower for twins even if im a STM?

  • We had no intention of having one this time around because this was our third pregnancy. Then the day we found out we were having twins a friend offered to throw one for us. She was so excited so I accepted. It turned out really nice. We got mostly diapers because we hadn't found out the sexes of the babies which was really helpful. 

    PS People threw me showers with my second son as well, but I hadn't had a shower with my first so I didn't really feel bad about it.

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  • People keep wanting to throw me showers for these twins and all said and done I may end up having four!  (church ladies, family friends & close relatives, my friends, and the 2nd grade moms).  My kids are 8 and 5 so it has been a while since I had a baby shower (just w/my first).  I am so gracious!  I've attended other 'showers' for moms who aren't first timers.  Usually they're called something else - like a baby 'sprinkle' or 'celebrate baby'.  Some have been after the baby is born (which is what my friends are doing).  The 2nd grade moms had a shower for me last month and the main theme was diapers and gift cards.  What a big help!!! 
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  • My son is 3. My friends threw me a baby shower this time around. They said since it was twins, it was perfectly fine. Plus, or twins are both girls. We have a ton of boys stuff, but had almost nothing for girls. So we had a fun little event. I got lots of diapers and even clothing which was great. If someone offers to throw you one, I'd do it! 

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  • I think that "rule" is so stupid. Who cares what people think! if someone wants to throw you a baby shower, hey why not!? I had 2baby showers with DD & one big one with my twins & let me say it helped a lot! If people want to help, take it, its the only time people are really gonna ever want to help with your kids any way! Twins are expensive. & plus baby showers are fun & exciting it makes the babies getting here more fun! 
  • I think you should totally do it if you'd enjoy the baby shower! Throw those rules out the window and do whatever is enjoyable to you. Have fun with it. :)

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  • Thanks everyone! We are going to have it. My sister is hosting and we'll invite some friends aand family. Nothing too big but a nice way to celebrate the twins! 
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