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Meds after BFP with IVF

Hi ladies I finally got my BFP after years of TTC. First attempt at IFV was successful. Now I am 6 weeks and my RE wants me to stay on endrometrium (progesterone) and estrace (estrogen) until my second trimester. I'm 100% OOP so these meds are 1,000 a month I can't afford. At what point can I move on like a normal pregnancy? 

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  • I was on Progesterone and Vivelle with my first IVF and was on it until 9 weeks. With the second, FET I was on Progesterone and Estrace until week 12. 
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  • I was on Progesterone until I was 9 weeks (first IVF and first BFP)
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  • I was weaned off at 11 weeks after an FET. It all depends on your blood work.
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  • I was taken off my meds at 6 weeks.  It really does depend on blood work.  My progesterone level was 190+ so my RE felt confident in taking me off the meds.  
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  • What were your levels in your last bloodwork RE did? 

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  • Hi gals! Thanks for the info and advice. 
    I went in yesterday (I don't remember what my levels were) and they have cut my doses in half. I go back in 3 weeks (I'm 6w5d) and they will wean me off completely. 
    Thanks to @Piperella she gave me a great tip - I reached out to my OBYGN and my insurance covers it now that it's to maintain a pregnancy instead of IVF treatment. 
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