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Cold weather / winter babies

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so we live in a state with a fair amount of snow in the winter- March isn't normally brutal but the temperature won't have picked up for the snow to have melted and I'm so obsessed with the thoughts of keeping baby "warm". I got the best car seat cover from my native Europe... Instead of one of those canopy style ones but what else is anyone loving ? Tog 1,2,3 sleep sacks, space heaters that are economical and safe? My nursery is the last room on the line so I'm worrying that it's going to be "too" cold ! 

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    Halo Sleepsack makes a winter grade sleepsack that we bought for DD (she was a December baby so I worried about the cold too!!). This might be too warm for March, but maybe get a larger size for next winter. Space heaters at night make me nervous- I feel like I always hear about space heater fires on the news during winter!

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  • Just thought I'd note that anything you are adding on to an infant car seat/ carrier needs to be made of fire retardant material. It is a hazard to baby's safety and it should be approved by the manufacturer of your car seat.

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  • The thing on top of your carseat is cute but what is inside it?  You have to be careful not to use anything that goes between baby and the carseat or straps, overtop is fine.  A hat, blanket over buckled in baby and then that cover thing you have should be plenty (I've had babies in Oct, Dec & March so I've got the cold-weather bases covered).  If it's super cold stay home or have someone drop you and baby off at the door.
    We do use space heaters in our kids rooms when they are little, we prefer the house cold at night and the kiddos don't really get the hang of sleeping under blankets for a few years.  Look for one with a digital thermostat and oscilator and preferrably a feature that if it gets knocked over it will shut off.  As long as the room has a smoke detector and baby is in the crib we've never really seen a safety issue with the portable heater, also don't set it super high 70/71 is what we keeps ours set at.  Lower if you'll be swaddling.
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    Good tips - the car seat cover is really for if I end up getting a stroller that has the car seat attachment for newborns instead of the bassinet style (which I would prefer) - I'll do some research on space heaters, like someone else mentioned, I'm paranoid about fires etc but I'll just have to be checking that smoke alarm frequently for peace of mind.... I know that the room gets nowhere near low 60s now with the heat on so I've got to find a solution ! Thanks for your advice 
  • I read a lot of reviews that the Zutano fleece booties stay on the baby's feet very well, so we got those to keep the baby's feet warm.  Also, I scoured the stores to find warm, fleece baby hats with ear flaps and mittens in case the little guy gets his hands out of the car seat blanket.  Other than that, I don't plan to take kiddo out into cold much.  We do have a fleece snow suit for walks in the stroller if we do venture out.  

    I second the Halo sleep sacks... they kept my first kiddo warm all winter.  :) 
  •  As far as heaters go I have one that looks like a mini radiator and turns on and off  as needed to regulate temperature I feel like its much safer than the average one with a fan and coils and works really well at keeping the room warm something like this style.

    Pelonis Small Radiant Heater with Overheat Protection Capabilities, Gray
  • We have 2 infrared fireplaces in the house. I can't say enough good things about them. On really cold nights we move the fireplace down the bedroom hallway to keep the temperature up (it is supposed to hit -18f tonight and our furnace just can't keep the bedrooms warm enough). They are very highly efficient and can heat a decent sized space quickly. It doesnt even seem to show on our electric bill. 
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