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Normal bed. (Not toddler bed)

When would you stop worrying about your toddler rolling off the bed?

We currently co-sleep with our (barely) 3 yr old so he's never much at risk for rolling anywhere. So I'm curious if I let him sleep on the edge or if I moved him to his own bed... should I be worried much.
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Re: Normal bed. (Not toddler bed)

  • My first never rolled much but my second did, a lot! So we got her these and they are amazing. We put them under her mattress pad/sheet and she's usually cuddled up to them lol. I guess maybe trial and error. If he falls then you'll know he's a roller! 

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  • We left the bedrail on my older son's bed for a long time. He got his twin bed at 2 years and 4 months and we left them on for over a year, maybe 1.5 years. However if he didn't have sleep difficulties (he has ASD) I probably would have removed them sooner. I was worried he would fall out and get traumatized and then we'd have even worse issues at bedtime or overnight. It never happened. He fell out once maybe but was fine. The rails were a piece of junk and fraying so when it came time for my younger son to get a twin bed, I just put a pool noodle under the fitted sheet (one on each side). I wasn't about to spend $30 on another piece of junk. He was just under 3 when he finally got a bed. I left the noodles in for a couple of months. I think he fell out one time, got upset but not for long, and has been fine.

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  • This is really something for you to answer for yourself. Only you know your child and how much YOU will worry.

    My 4 year old is in a twin bed in his room and it's made for kids so it's lower to the ground - no box spring either. When he first got the bed I rolled up a blanket (could use a pool noodle) and put it under the fitted sheet. That worked great. Never rolled out of bed.


  • Thank you everyone!
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