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Bad gas, constipation and green stool?

Hi all, my 4 month old has been having really bad gas for the past few weeks. Yes I know that babies are gassy but this is new and unlike him. He has a really hard time sleeping while tossing and turning and has been constipated for the past 2 weeks. I had to give him an infant glycerin suppository twice but cant continue to give him these, it wouldn't be safe. I have talked to the ped and she says that she does not know why he is like this and to try sticking a thermometer in his booty to help him go if its necessary. I have given up milk and soy for a few months now so I dont think its any of that. I thought it was maybe his prevacid so i stopped that, zantac so i stopped that, probiotics so i stopped that. I have no idea what it can be, and past few days his stool has just been green. Anyone deal with something similar?

Re: Bad gas, constipation and green stool?

  • Are you EBFing?  Or have you started any solids?
  • Are you EBFing?  Or have you started any solids?
    yes im ebfing thats why im not sure what is going on. I didn't think a baby who was breast fed could be constipated.
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  • Hum. Green stools can be a sign of oversupply but that would cause diarrhea not constipation. I didn't think BF babies got constipation either. If the pedi can't figure it out I would ask for a referral for a pediatric GI doctor. I've worked with a few women who have taken babies to GI docs and have gotten help.  My Lil guy occasionally has some firm stools but he's on formula now and started on solids so I'm figuring out what foods to avoid. Good luck.
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    Your baby is constipated but has had green stools for the past few days? That's confusing. 

    Green stool can mean too much foremilk and is pretty common in EBF babies. My DD gets green stools from time to time and the dr said that was fine. You can try block feeding but do your research. 

    Ebf babies can also go for days without pooping and it's completely normal. 
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