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Please talk to me about fevers.

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5w3d pregnant due to miraculously managing to hit first cycle post a double d&c for a mmc discovered the day before Thanksgiving (12w6d).

I'm uber paranoid.  Unreasonably so I think.  I do understand that below 101.0 isn't really considered a fever.  But I need reassurance.  I've started feeling a bit wonky today.  Not a particularly worrisome symptom (empty belly feeling, tired, cranky... normalish) and have discovered this evening that I've got a bit of a fever.  I'm normally a 98.6F girl but I've had 100.8 for the last 3 hours.  Obv. I should call my doc tomorrow but I was just looking to see if anyone experienced this themselves and had good results after.  Please and thank you ladies!

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Re: Please talk to me about fevers.

  • Woke up and no fever so maybe it was just a blip.
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  • Glad you are feeling better.  Generally Tylenol is okay for pregnant people so if I was fighting a fever I would grab a Tylenol and a cold compress and see if I could break it.
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  • Early in my pregnancy, my temp was around 99.5 one night and I didn't feel very well. I wondered if it was just the pregnancy that caused it. Everything was fine for me. Like @bntfroggie said, Tylenol is a good idea if it happens again. And more cowbell, of course.
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  • My doc said I was fine (which does not reassure me after my last loss) but the Tylenol and compress really helped it quickly and @CarrieandRoy thanks for sharing, it's nice to hear someone else experienced the same with positive results!

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