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Is it normal to be this gassy??

My 7 week old has been diagnosed with reflux and takes Zantac. She is formula fed and after every feeding she is extremely gassy and she will wake up every 30 minutes with pain and I have to massage her tummy and bicycle her legs for almost 30 minutes to get the gas out and it's a ton of gas. She wakes up all the time from this so it's very exhausting.  I've tried gas drops and gripe water. Nothing seems to be helping.  Could it be the formula?  She is on Enfamil gentlease.

Re: Is it normal to be this gassy??

  • Oh also I do burp her frequently at feedings
  • My LO was very gassy early on when EBF and when I transitioned to formula I used Similac sensitive and I use Dr browns bottles.  It got better eventually probably because he started kicking more. Don't know how old your baby is but get a kick n play mat. They kick the piano keys and fart like crazy, helps all the gas move.
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  • My baby is breastfed and was very gassy too. Found out he had a severe tongue tie which we fixed (will cause gas) but in the mean time i put him on pro biotics from the health food store (flora baby) and i just have him a little off my pinky every feed and his painful gas has gone away its like hes a new baby! Its supposed to help with lots of diff tummy issues and i know a bunch of people who swear by it.
  • Maybe switch bottles? I use dr browns and they are awesom
  • Yes it could be the formula. Try switching to one for sensitive bellies or for gassy babies (not sure if Enfamil makes one like that). Also pps suggestion with switching bottles is a good idea. 
  • It could be formula. It could be bottles. Try switching different formulas. Maybe Similac Sensitive or Gerber Soothe. Or you could try switching bottles first.

    I have a very gassy baby myself and my doctor was very close to prescribe her Zantac because I have been having constant problems with fussiness and gas. Pediatrician thought it was reflux because she has spit up 5 different formulas including my breast milk. His conclusion was that DD was extremely sensitive to digesting the milk protein so he suggested to make the switch to soy formula. He told me it does not necessarily mean she is lactose intolerant just has an extreme sensitivity to that milk protein. He says many children will outgrow that sensitivity. She has also not spit up any soy formula and we have been using it for about 2 or 3 weeks now.

    I have to give her gas drops for her gas though. I have yet to try different bottles... I am kind of researching that right now.
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  • My little one was having the same problem. We switched to Similac Total Comfort and it mad a huge difference! He never complains from gas and isn't constipated anymore either. The formula tends to look really foamy in the bottle, but it doesn't bother my baby at all. So don't worry about that. It is great!
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