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What are you "containing" your baby in?

Just wondering, as our babies get older, what is your house setup like? Up until now, downstairs we had a mommaroo, a rock n play for naps, one of those fisher price sit-me-ups and a play mat we'd assemble as needed. It seems lately though that LO doesn't want to be so "confined" anymore and wants more room to try to be mobile. So, today we took away the RnP and set up a pack n play in the living room to use as a playpen/napper and I hate how much space it takes up. We also have an exersaucer that has yet to be assembled. 

Do you guys think we really need the PnP at this point, or can we stick with the floor for playtime and save the PnP for when the baby starts to crawl and genuinely needs to be confined? 

Re: What are you "containing" your baby in?

  • We had a pnp up for the changer portion in our living room when he was little. We got rid of that, his rockaroo and his bouncer seat as he wants nothing to do with any of them and outgrew the inserts for the pnp. We plan to just babyproof and gate off our living room when the time comes. We also got an indoor outdoor play yard with vinyl bottom that we can always pop up if we need it. So for a short answer I would suggest putting away the pnp for a while. Sorry for the rambling!
  • We got an exersaucer activity station - which LO is slightly too small for so we will try stacking blankets under her feet to help her reach... but she loves it! Other than that, we have a bumbo seat on the ground with toys around it, the PNP (which is hardly used unless I just need a safe spot to sit her while I run to the bathroom or something), tummytime mat on the floor in her room (where I sit her while I do laundry) and a blanket with nursing pillow in the LR. It's a LOT of little stations but it really saves me from letting her get bored and cranky.

    Oh, and the bouncer in the bathroom has been great! I sit her here while I take a bath or to go to the bathroom if needed. 
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