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My little guy is 9 months and still not clapping nor interested in clapping yet is almost walking. Anyone else's baby still not clapping?

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  • My daughter isn't either, and I am not too worried. It took her until almost 8 months to love solids and now she can't get enough. Each baby will hit these milestones in their own time. 
  • No, my LO isn't clapping either and he'll be 9 months old on Tuesday. He does bang two blocks together, which is a similar motion. Are you worried? Is it because of the 9-month Ages and Stages Questionnaire? Our pediatrician administers it for the 9 month visit and I remember that one in particular planted seeds of worry with DD. But she's fine and I'm sure DS is, too.
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  • Yeah it was the questionnaire that made me worry but at his check up today doctor said totally okay and she's not worried and wouldn't be until he's 15 months.
  • Where do they come up with this stuff? My 8.75 month old is nowhere near clapping.  The culture of fear surrounding pregnancy and parenting is what's worrying me, not that my kid's not clapping, "cruising," walking, conjugating french verbs, etc.  
  • @marijaa333 conjugating French verbs  :D haha Yes the "guidelines" are so silly considering every baby has their own timeline.
  • My baby is almost 9 months and still she is not clapping!
  • My son is not either but I'm not worried
  • Mine is clapping. When you see them banging 2 things/objects together, then that is when they will start clapping. I was worried too. Gotta practice with them. Right now, my baby is a little monkey. She imitates everything we do. 
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