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Would this be acceptable?

I'm only kind of serious. 

Re: Would this be acceptable?

  • LOL.  That's awesome!
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  • No baby shower in my future ;) Little man is 11 weeks. I would have loved these when I hosted both of my SIL's showers. 
  • antoto said:
    I mean this makes me laugh, but I would also be totally horrified if someone actually used these.
    Absolutely, I wouldn't either. But after hosting a few bridal/baby showers myself and having next to no one RSVP then show up, it sure is a guilty pleasure idea. 
  • Although I feel your pain and definitely think of doing it, I wouldn't do it...don't think it's acceptable.
  • I needed those for my wedding. Luckily, we had enough people that said they were coming (and never showed), so it somewhat evened out in the end. 
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  • My baby shower was yesterday. My sister told me NO one rsvp'd one way or the other, and we had about 12 people show up? (Two of which I didn't even invite, and literally was like wtf about later) I might use those for my wedding next year! Just kidding, not kidding... 
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