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Poop on the potty

my daughter is good going to the bathroom and peeing, but when she has to poop she'll ask for a pull up. She actually had this scared look in her face when she thought she had to poop and not pee. Any tips on how to help me get her to poop? 

Re: Poop on the potty

  • Oh boy. Our 3yo went through this too! I did everything from bribe her to rub her belly to hold her hand. Nothing worked. 

    One night my my husband put her on the toilet to pee before her bath and she REFUSED. Absolutely refused. She threw a fit and screamed her head off because she didn't want to pee. He kept her on the toilet through out this entire fit and all of a sudden he hears a "plop". Sure enough she pooped! She had thrown such a fit that she pushed poop out and didn't even realize it loll. That fit turned into the happiest day of her life lol. After that it's been a smooth go and she's been amazing. 

    So I don't really have an advice, per say, but if you can somehow get the fear out of her head then she'll do it. Or maybe show her the poop being flushed away so she knows that's where the poop should go- I know it's so gross but maybe empty her pull up poop and have her flush it lol. 
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