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Anyone relate? Feeling so scared

I don't know what to think because my husband talked to dr.. but based on what he told him i am not completely hopeless..  So good news is i had no endo at all. I always thought i had endo cause I've always had severe period cramps.  but nothing.. my left tube had hydrosalpinx which i knew and he removed it.. my right tube is fine.. here is the bad part.... So ten years ago I had a child with my ex husband, I had emergency c section.. it was a horrible pg with preeclampsia amongst other challenges.. Well my c section has formed a lot of scar tissue.. he could not remove the scar tissue due to it being attached to descending colon. So he said she can sustain a pregnancy and it won't be effected but if she needs another c section it can be a potential issue since they need to cut through abdominal wall again.. Im so scared now..  i am pretty sure i would need another c section.. and even so u never know and what if i tried to push and ended up needing one? He said they would need to be very careful.. from sound of dr it seemed like it would be very risky... i don't know what to think... is there another way to cut?? I just feel so hopeless.. I thought it was good news cause the nurse told me everything but that... now i find out this and i don't know how ill ever do this... Please don't get me wrong i am so grateful for my daughter.. but i am devastated i can never have this with my husband.. I just wish i had a glimmer of hope left but its slipping away 

Re: Anyone relate? Feeling so scared

  • I'm so sorry your going through this :( I don't have much advice just wanted to let you know your not alone. When is your next appointment ? Just try to relax and not think about all the negative stuff too much until you get a chance to talk about options with your doctor. <3 good luck I hope it all works out 
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