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Oh baby!

It appears we're pregnant again already, lord have mercy on our souls two little ones in diapers... Let the fun begin!

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  • Congrats!! You're crazy :) your baby is about 6 months old now? 
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  • AllyTheKidAllyTheKid member
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    Thank you @ksimon23 ! Yes he's 6 months now so this will be an interesting ride for sure. We planned to wait until he was four before trying again, but I was off my BCP for a week waiting for an appointment to switch pills due to insurance and we got pregnant in that 5 day window. Funny, because we tried for 6 months with our son, we bought fertility vitamins and everything because we thought we were broken haha found out we were already pregnant one we started taking the vitamins! Anyway, this one definitely came as a shock, but I am warming up to the idea now. I'm a twin, and my big brother is only 15 months older and we are all really close, I like that these babies will have that too :) But then again, I am also really close to my little twin brothers and they are 4 years younger so I hope my three will all be as close as we were. DD is 4, DS is 6mos. Step DS is 8 but he's real close to sister and absolutely adores little brother so I think my whole bunch will be super happy together :) DH 5 brothers and 3 sisters, I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters so we are used to big groups, and quite frankly that's our norm so we're ready for anything!
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  • Yay yay! I have been so excited to see a post like this! 
  • @gadawgmom I've been waiting around to see who the first sucker would be and I guess it's me haha
  • Congrats!  I miss being pregnant so much (but am totally not ready for another baby)
  • That's awesome! I would actually love my kids to be close in age but I just started school again and have two years until I'm done, so I'll just have to wait! Plus my boy is barely starting to sleep longer, thank goodness because I was about to lose my mind 
  • @ksimon23 I'm in school too but I'm so used to being a Zombie by now it couldn't be much worse, right? Lol
  • @babybean815 Thank you! Oh sugar, I don't miss being pregnant at all but too late now haha at least I'm still young(ish?) I'm 26 and in pretty good shape for 6mo post partem so I guess it's good to get it overwith while I still have the energy and body haha 

    BUT DH is getting a vasectomy after this so no mas!
  • Oh congrats! My sister and I have about the same age difference as your 6 month old and LO on the way. We grew up best friends, drifted a bit when we started dating in high school, and are now coming back around. It's great having a playmate growing up! 

    I honestly wish I'd accidentally get pregnant right now, but I know it's in our best interests to try to wait a little longer. I'm kinda jelly of you ;)

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  • Congrats!!!! My sister and I are 16mo apart and loved it. I wanted mine close for that reason :). No more for us though.

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  • Congrats!! I follow the July group since my EDD was originally 7/27 and there are about 4 ladies pregnant on there! It's crazy but amazing enjoy it!
  • @gadawgmom I've been waiting around to see who the first sucker would be and I guess it's me haha
    I'm jealous. I feel like Gwen Stefani in Simple Kinda Life "Some times I would wish for a mistake". Pulling the trigger to do it again sounds crazy BUT I would be over the moon if it just happened. 
  • Congrats! my SIL got pregnant with her 2nd baby when her first was 6 months old. She said she's been trying to find a "big sister shirt" but she cant find any that are small enough, only 24 month and up sizes haha.

  • @gadawgmom We are pretty excited, DH and I both had siblings close in age so we're glad to see these two being close. Initially we planned to wait until after I graduated and nabbed a teaching job but what's done is done now and we are just fine with it :) The first year will be rough I know, two wee ones, juggling school and the older kids' school and activities, but we'll make it! Plus the little two will be able to entertain each other once they're moving around and my older kiddos are great helpers! On the plusPLUS this prompted DH to finally remodel and get another room put in lol ;) 
  • @kar8706 thank you! Really? That's awesome :) I'm ready for this ride, but we're definitely done after this one (we think maybe) lol
  • @lrwardrop thank you! That is discrimination against Irish twins! Haha it's crazy thinking sweet pea is already rocking big brother status the more I think about it. I have no regrets, but I wish I had more time to spoil him as my baby!
  • You will still have 9 more months to spoil him. Now he has a built in best friend!
  • @onaed absolutely true :)
  • Congrats!!!! I'm jealous. We wanted to try for #2 right now but got benched because of our c-section. 

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