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Anyone else bruise easily now??? For the last several weeks I have noticed my legs are getting bruised very easily. They are mostly in locations of veins, which makes me think they're vericose vein related, yuck. I've called my OB who ran blood work (CBC and a clotting panel) which all came back normal. I asked about a possible vitamin deficiency since I'm still BF'ING but the nurse kinda poo-poo'd my question and never gave me an answer. I had to stop taking my prenatal vitamin at 2 months PP due to an allergic reaction and haven't been taking any vitamins since (almost 7 months PP now). Also don't get much calcium bc of LOS milk protein intolerance, I don't drink milk and only sometimes have a piece of cheese. Just curious if anyone else has any experience with nursing, bruising and or vitamin deficiencies?? 

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  • I had the same problem at about the same time with my second LO. I was dairy, soy, egg, and nut free due to her MSPI and allergies. It eventually went away, but I imagine it was because of some sort of vitamin deficiency. 

    Do you know what you reacted to in the vitamins you were taking? Maybe you could try some from a place like Whole Foods where they'd have more natural brands. 

    You could also speak to a nutritionist to go over your diet and get suggestions of what to add to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need. 

    And you certainly could contact your dr again and request more bloodwork to check for deficiencies. I'd have them check your iron too. 
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  • My LO is/was wheat, dairy, egg, nut and soy intolerant and I am nursing through that. I will say though I had an "aha" moment when I realized the bruising on my legs was from carrying around the infant seat!! I was worried for awhile because I got baseball sized bruising all over my thighs and then one day DH pointed out it may be the seat and he was right! After LO switched to convertible it went away! Just a thought! I take rainbow one prenatals and they are food based all natural. Maybe they would work for you!



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  • Thanks ladies!!! I have thought about the carseat thing and it does happen but I also have just random small ones. They are in areas of veins though so I'm thinking I have varicose veins, they hurt after sitting or standing too long or if I sit with my legs crossed. I'm a therapist in a hospital and when I do work I'm on my feet 9 hours so I think getting a good pair of support/compression stockings is in the future!!! I will look into the food based vitamins, thanks for the suggestion!!! I have started taking vitamin D and C again, but bc they don't know what I had a reaction to they suggested I just not take anything. But I might give those a try!! Thanks again mammas :) 
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