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Cord blood banking

Hello ladies,

So I was wondering how many of you are going to do cord blood banking. Are you going to do public or private? I was thinking to do private banking, but I can't decide. It is so expensive, but it could save your child's life. What are everyone else's thoughts on this?

Re: Cord blood banking

  • I need to research this more, but from what I've read it can't save this child's life only your next child.  It is super expensive for a "what if" my child gets sick.  I'm leaning more towards delayed cord clamping instead, I hear you can't do both.
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  • My doctor said it was great if you could afford it..we couldn't afford it!
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  • When we looked before we opted against it as it was my understanding that it could not be used to save/treat the child it was banked from, just for a sibling...
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  • I would love to be able to do chord blood banking, but it's too expensive for us :neutral:  I do plan on delayed chord clamping though as previously mentioned. 
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  • Ditto what PPs have said about delayed cord clamping. It's cheap (free) and is sure to benefit the baby. Stored cord blood is only useful in a "what-if" scenario. The way I see it, why deprive a newborn of cord blood just to save it in case it's needed later?
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