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4 months and resists naps!

Hi all! My four month old sleeps great in his crib at night but he is very resistant to napping in his crib. Even when we put him in sleeping he wakes up screaming. Any ideas to help?!?

Re: 4 months and resists naps!

  • If you search through the other posts you'll see this is very normal around this age. You'll be lucky to get more than 30-45 minute naps. Just try to watch for tired cues, make the environment conducive to sleep and hope for the best. It will pass but it's tough right now.
  • Try making the room dark and a sleep machine helps. My LO only naps about 30min in his crib at a time and he's 5 months. It also took me some time to read his tired cues and he was getting over tired. Be thankful he sleeps in his crib at night. The 4 month sleep regression is a real thing, there's so much cognitive development around this time and they want to be awake like they think they're missing out on something if they fall asleep.
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