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Surgery for Cyst or C - Section

Hi Ladies,
I'm a FTM and am currently 36 weeks. Throughout my pregnancy they have told me that I have had a ovarian cyst. At one point every single appointment I went in for included an ultra sound to keep an eye on it. They told me it would go away but never did. So they ended up doing a C125 on it ( a cancer test) and it came back negative. So now they are telling me that after I have baby I will have a 6 week check up and they will schedule a surgery to take it out then. My birth plan is to have a water birth. Completely med free. But now with this new information of a surgery, shouldn't they just do a C-section and kill 2 birds with one stone? I do plan on asking my Doc this when I go in next week. But I was seeing if any of you ladies have had experience with this or know anybody that has. 

Re: Surgery for Cyst or C - Section

  • Removing a cyst doesn't require cutting your uterus open like a c section would and recovery would be easier, no worries on vbac should you want to birth again. Also depending on the size of the cyst the incision will be much smaller and thus quicker to recover. If they said it would go away in guessing it is smaller? Did they say what type of cyst it is that they thought it would shrink and go away?
  • Depending on the size of the cyst, which you didn't mention, you may want to get a second opinion on removing it. I've had several, one got as large as a naval orange, and they all ruptured on their own. It is painful when they rupture, but avoiding surgery and its many complications seems preferable to having it to remove something that is non-cancerous. 
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  • I agree that depending on the cyst, it is highly likely that they will not need to go in through your abdomen to remove it (they will go in vaginally).  That would be question #1, for sure.  Even if they did need to go through your abdomen, it is likely that the incision would be MUCH smaller (think how much smaller the cyst is than your baby) and thus a much easier recovery. If I were in your shoes, I would write down a list of questions and ask your doctor.  Good luck!
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  • Thank you Ladies. Its 6cm. So not very big. They just said it an Ovarian Cyst and from what we know is not harmful to babes. And yes, I'll write a list. That should help! 

  • I have a cyst as well that has caused a lot of pain over the last few years. My Dr. did ask me if I ended up having an emergency c section if I wanted her to remove the cyst as well. . . I said yes.  But as it turns out I chose a c section anyway as more problems presented (cephalo pelvic issues that have a good chance in resulting in fractures if I give birth vaginally)
  • Because removing cysts during a C/S increases the risk of bleeding significantly. 
  • And fwiw.... they don't really "remove cysts".... at least not normally. They are kinda punctured and they deflate and go away. By true definition. ... most cysts are were an egg was forming and just never quite released...  it's a fluid filled pocket.
    I'd never ever opt for a csection just to take care of a cyst....
  • Are they wanting to biopsy it? My understanding is that the CA 125 test is not a fool proof method of detecting ovarian cancer, as in you can still have ovarian cancer with a normal CA 125 test. My mom just went through this and ended up having laparoscopic "exploratory" surgery. Her CA 125 levels were elevated but she did not end up having ovarian cancer, thank goodness. 

    My point is, the blood test is not diagnostic, so do they want to run additional tests on the cyst or just remove it for the sake of removing it?
  • I has a softball sized dermoid cyst removed a few years ago, laproscopically.  They left 4 teeny incisions and drained and then removed it.  Dermoid cysts are non cancerous but will continue to grow and won't go away on their own, so you need to get them removed otherwise they can grow so large that they twist your tube and can lead to you losing an ovary and/or tube.

    Laproscopic surgery is common for cyst removal and requires very little recovery time.  I basically felt like I did too many crunches for 4 days and then was totally fine.  I only took ibuprofen for pain after the first day and didn't even need to stay in the hospital overnight.  I went back to work 4 days later (desk job).  No way would I opt for a c section instead of just doing what I did (I wasn't pregnant at the time anyway)...recovery is much worse.
  • I've had several cysts removed through surgery because of their size. It's done laprascopic. Pretty easy surgery with minor side effects. I also had a c section with the birth of my son. Very different surgeries. Many years ago one of my cysts became so large they had to do a laparotomy. So please don't tell OP that cysts go away on their own if they are noncancerous. That's just untrue. Follow your docs advice and do it at another time. Don't complicate labor by throwing in something else. Go for the water birth and deal with the cyst later BEFORE it ruptures. 
  • First, she did not indicate the type of cyst she has, or the size. Second, the most common type of cyst on the ovary DOES rupture and resolve on its own almost all of the time, regardless of size. I've had several, every year, for the last 10 years. It sounds like your type of cyst is different than what I have, and for you surgery was clearly the best option. A much less invasive surgery, I'd like to add.

    My intent was merely to dissuade her from an elective c-section to remove a cyst. Frankly it sounds like she needs to have a MUCH more detailed conversation with her doctor, and probably get a second opinion if that's what s/he's suggesting. 
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