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Twins won't nap in their cribs during the day

My boys are 4 months old and were born at 36 weeks.  They sleep just fine in their cribs during the night (go down around 8-8:30, wake around 4AM for a feeding, and back to sleep until 7).  I feel like that is really good for their adjusted age but my problem is that they fight naps in their cribs.  They are just not having it.  I have tried to swaddle, use white noise, darken the room, etc but they either cry nonstop or wake after about 20 minutes.  We used to nap them in their rock n plays but they are starting to get too big and I really want to transition to crib sleeping all the time.  Any tips on how to make this happen?  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Twins won't nap in their cribs during the day

  • Are you doing Babywise or anything like that? I found that following that eat, wake, sleep schedule really helped us get our first into a great schedule with naps and at night time. The cry it out part can be a little controversial, but it really worked for us. Good luck! 
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  • Stay consistent! Babies are smart! What kind of schedule are you on? 
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  • We had a really similar situation when our boys were almost exactly the age yours are at. One thing that made a big difference was playing music right as we put them down. I know it sounds silly, but it really worked for them. We have a musical mobile that they love, and we always turn on the same song right as we put them down to nap (and sleep at night). Now, they seem to get sleepy and rub their eyes as soon as we turn it on. Hopefully that will give you at least something to try! Good luck!

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