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Inner loop 2016 babies?


I'm originally from the UK and have lived in Houston for just over a year. I'm wondering if there are any other Inner Loop mums/moms to be? It would be lovely to meet some new friends in the same boat. I'm due 6th April and live in Montrose...

Elspeth x

Re: Inner loop 2016 babies?

  • Hey Elspeth, check out, a very active meetup for new and expecting moms. We are starting to have some events specifically for moms expecting in 2016. There is also an associated Facebook group. 

    Also check out the social groups on Hike It Baby is my absolute favorite and they have events pretty much every day all over Houston. I started attending when I was still pregnant. 

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  • PS Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. I live in the Museum District, so not too far from you :) 
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  • Thanks! That's great info. I am actually in the Meetup group but I didn't think there was any point going along to things until the bump is here....? I'll defo check out those other sights. How old is your little one? 
  • She's 9 months old :) And you're right, some events are better suited for people with actual babies, but I think there are meetups specifically for expecting moms too. 
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