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Cystic Fibrosis Carrier

I recently found out I am a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, we are in the process of getting my husband tested. Has anyone found out the same with their genetic testing?

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  • I'm a carrier (I have cousin w/ CF which made me get tested). When we tested in 2012, we were told that it doesn't test for ALL strains of CF, just the main ones. DH was not a carrier so that eased our minds a little. Try not to get too freaked out until you have your husband tested. Your doctor should be able to give you more information.

  • I am not personally, but my husband's brother and his wife both are.  They have a healthy two year old daughter and a healthy baby boy on the way.  If your husband is a carrier, you'll have to go through a bit more genetic testing for the baby.  Try not to stress yourself out too much, even if you're both carriers, it's still totally possible to have a healthy baby!  Good luck and keep us updated! 
  • My mom told me that I was a carrier, which was confirmed by my 23 and Me results and later genetic testing when I was pregnant with DS. We bought DH a kit to test to see if he was a carrier as well before TTC and determined he was not.
  • This is all great info, thank you! While I am nervous, I am also very glad I found out. I am the first of my 3 siblings to get pregnant and I am glad can let them know that this is something that they may want to get tested for if/when they decide to have kids. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  • I found out that I'm not a carrier but hope everything goes well for you. Also look at the supportive answers you got maybe time to rethink your other post telling everyone how mean people are on this board.
  • I am just not sure why you felt the need to post that, I just can't relate to a lot of the women on this board, maybe it is an age thing.  I said this board was known as mean, and it is. I was nervous to post and I didn't have any regrets until your comment, so thank you. I don't need to rethink anything.
  • All I mentioned was that you got a lot of supportive answers and even wished that everything goes well for you...
  • There's about a 1 in 25 chance that anyone is a carrier. While that's not insignificant, it means that your husband is probably not. I would try not to even worry about it until you get the results for him back. If he falls into the 4% that does carry it too, you still have a 3/4 chance of the baby not having it, so try to remain optimistic. I think it's too early to be concerned.
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  • All I mentioned was that you got a lot of supportive answers and even wished that everything goes well for you...
    Some women just can't get over simple things and then continue down the path she's chosen. She's already made her bed.

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  • I am a carrier and was freaking out until my DH's results came back. Fortunately he is not a carrier. But while I was freaking out I did A LOT of research and found out that even if we were both carriers there was only a 25% chance the baby would have it. So try to stay calm while you wait for his results. I know that is easier said than done. Good luck! 
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