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Need ideas of "smaller" items for registry


I've started organizing a list of things to purchase for baby. Of course anything that people want to gift us we appreciate, but I also don't expect anyone to buy anything.

There are of course some bigger ticket items we will need like car seat, video baby monitor, crib, etc. I think that is fine to have on the registry, especially since that's the kind of thing grandparents tend to want to purchase. However, I do an extreme amount of research on items and my husband is very picky about organic, made in america, little to no plastic, etc. Add that with me wanting high quality items that will last more than one child, and basically just having expensive taste and I just feel like I need to add lower cost items to my registry. There's some items I don't feel comfortable registering for because for ex. I don't want my in-laws to know how much I would spend on a diaper bag or fancy stroller haha, so I'd just prefer to purchase it myself. 

Of course there's things like clothes, bottles, baby bath, receiving blankets, wipes, pacifiers, swaddles, books, play mat on there. What other less expensive items (under $50) could I add that are also really useful? I don't want to register for diapers as I've already bought our cloth diaper stash. We have a large family, so I'm kind of struggling to find things that won't just be clutter, but will be useful because I don't want any shower guests to look at the list and feel like they have to spend $200 or anything. 

Re: Need ideas of "smaller" items for registry

  • You could put items on there for when baby is a little older, like spoons, bowls, maybe a potty? That's one thing I forgot when doing my registry. I focused on baby items and didn't think about things they would use closer to being 1 year old. Bedding can also be pretty inexpensive, as well as some decor for the nursery. Hope this helps.
  • Rock n Play
    Small toys/bath toys
    nasal aspirator
    rectal thermometer
    diaper pail
    white onesies
    baby book
    picture frames
    shopping cart cover
    car seat canopy/shower cap style cover
    baby brush/nail clippers
    accessories for stroller (i.e. our baby jogger has optional parent console, drink holder, etc)
    crib sheets
    changing pad/cover
    laundry soap (if there's a specific one you'll use for CDs)
    Boppy/BFing pillow (if applicable)
    play mat
    bottles/bottle brush
    snack containers
    "daddy's" diaper bag
    freezer trays for making baby food (if applicable)
    baby music CDs/DVDs
    small chair(s)/table
    wash clothes/hooded towels

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  • Books would be good, but @atcwag gave a great list. All things you'll need or want (except the Bumbo, but I won't get into that here).

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  • Thanks for the ideas ladies, some I had and some I didn't think of before. I like the idea of adding things for a little older. I know my mom always gives outfits for 1year or so at showers because you get so many I fant one's that are quickly outgrown. 
  • Adding on to the buying older for clothes...I notice that onesies with zippers are my best friend (they begin to move alot)...i've done away with button up onesies!!!
  •  @mrsdowster Have you seen the magnetic ones. I put a few of those on my list :) Magnificant Baby brand
  •  @mrsdowster Have you seen the magnetic ones. I put a few of those on my list :) Magnificant Baby brand
    @DisneyIsabelle no i have not but i will be looking for those today during work LOL!!!

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