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Pitocin postpartum

just curious if anyone else's dr gave them a dose of pitocin post delivery to help speed up the contractions to shrink their uterus. A few weeks before my due date my mom had mentioned it to me to ask my dr for a dose after delivery. Needless to say I totally forgot to even bring it up bc I had only made it to one more scheduled appointment before delivery. However right after delivery my nurse told me she was placing pitocin in my IV for just that. I hadn't read or heard of this from anything I had previously read in regards to delivery and postpartum care, is this a common practice though? 

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  • Yes it's becoming much more of a standard of care recently. It's been shown to help prevent postpartum hemorrhage. After delivery of my son I got an injection of pitocin in my leg. Sometimes after csections they will leave pitocin running in your IV for a few hours to make sure your uterus is nice and clamped down to decrease bleeding risk. I don't believe this is standard practice all over yet but I work on a postpartum floor in a hospital that has the most deliveries in the state, so I think it will start becoming more common as the research expands
  • I know they gave it to me with my second- they said it's standard practice for the hospital I delivered this little one at but I only had a hep lock and I don't remember them putting anything in it so I'm thinking I didn't get it this time. It helps the uterus start going back to normal and I also think it helps prevent/ control any excessive bleeding, but I'm not sure on that one 
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  • Yes they did with both of my deliveries 
  • I needed it while I was in labor, but they gave me a fresh dose shortly after delivery as well.  It seemed to be pretty standard practice at my hospital
  • I did get that my second delivery a couple of weeks ago. I only allowed it since they were concerned my bleeding was too much even right away. They also tried with my sister too but for her they said it was because her delivery was so quick. She denied it though and didn't have any issues. Seems to be becoming a norm. 
  • I hemorrhaged with my first and they have me a shot in the leg and 2 rounds of pitocin. This time i had a homebirth no hemorrhaging or pitocin. I think the pitocin helped tremendously because I only bled for 1.5 weeks and this time i didnt stop till 4 weeks 
  • I received it with my first (medicated, induction) but not with my second (unmedicated).  Same doctor for both kids. I didn't make a request either way, I think the difference was just that I already had IV access established during my first birth, and had been receiving pitocin, so why not? And with my unmedicated birth, I didn't have an IV established, and no threat of hemorrhage, so we didn't do it. 
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  • I was induced with my first, but they stopped the pitocin after delivery.  This time I got two bags of pitocin after delivery.  I am only 2 weeks pp and have completely stopped bleeding and am back in all pre pregnancy clothes so maybe it helped shrink my uterus back! 
  • Yes I got some through my IV.  I don't recall this with my first but I asked about it this time and the response was that it was standard practice 
  • My doctor told me they do this now to prevent hemorrhaging, regardless of the circumstances of your delivery.
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  • I had it after my ceaser, and I'm in Australia. I had no idea either that they do that. It bloody hurt!!! If that is what labour feels like I'm happy I missed it! 
  • ashhsa said:
    I had it after my ceaser, and I'm in Australia. I had no idea either that they do that. It bloody hurt!!! If that is what labour feels like I'm happy I missed it! 
    Seems like they probably dosed you too high if it hurt.  I didn't feel anything with mine.
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