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cramps and other odd feelings

this is probably tmi, but i've had the first bit of cramping today...slightly and not consistent at all which i know is totally normal....back pain like crazy today...and a weird pain "down there".maybe not even a pain but just a weird feeling.... is this normal?  Its been 6 years since my last pregnancy so i don't remember.   I can usually tell before my period as i feel a strange sensation but now i'm kinda freaked out lol
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Re: cramps and other odd feelings

  • I've been having sharp twinges in my pelvic/vaginal area. When I googled it, it's not uncommon in weeks 5-6. If I were bleeding, I'd be worried. But I'm not. 


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  • All the aches, pains and cramps I remember being a thing during my second (viable) pregnancy. I remember having some seriously uncomfortable pains until at least 12 weeks. Everything is moving, shifting and stretching. So, I would say as long as its not excruciating, or accompanied with bleeding that you are ok not to really panic.

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  • I have been experiencing cramping for the last couple weeks. I'm 4weeks 4 days.
  • I have been cramping off and on for the past 3.5 weeks. I have back pain, mild to moderate cramping. I feel like my sciatic nerve is going to be my torture. Currently my hips hurt. I feel like this pregnancy is going to be worse than my last one. All the aches and pain so early on is ridiculous.  Plus, I feel like I am starting to show. Not feel like, I am definitely  showing at only 5 weeks. My DH believes that I may be further along then I suspect. I will find out 02/09. *sorry this was so long.*
  • Haha I can relate, and this pregnancy is already worse then my first, but I don't remember if I had this cramping and weird's been 16 years from my last pregnancy....I've been trying for second child for 9 years.....maybe my horrible symptoms are making up for lost time. Lol I would think if no bleeding is happening the stuff your feeling is normal so long as it's not too painful.
  • This is my first pregnancy and I have been cramping like crazy! I am 5 weeks now too and for some reason I feel like I'm starting to show already. Congrats to everyone!
  • This is my third, I felt pregnant for the first, like just knew, really connected (maybe because it was my first) but no real ms. Second I had no real ms either. But today 4wk 5days I felt dizzy, like I am on a boat or falling from the sky, really weird and not pleasant. I am also peeing more but that might be to do with going to the toilet to check if aunt flow has turned up.
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  • First pregnancy. I've been cramping off and on for a few weeks but nothing serious. And no bleeding so I am not worried about it. Bloated too. 
  • I totally feel like I got kicked in the crotch. 
  • With my last, it seriously felt like somebody was using one of those prank hand shockers and shocking my crotch sometimes, it was soooooo weird and uncomfortable. Cramping was normal with #2, but #1 other than sickness and constipation was a breeze! #2 I had cramps, electo-gina pain, even off and on spotting, and BH contractions since the second month, it was miserable. BUT, all was well and I have a gorgeous 6 month old butterball now :)
  • I get one really bad cramp a night, lasts about 10 min then goes away, freaks me out. I'm also beyond  bloated and mild to moderate off and  on cramping and I'm only 4 weeks 4 days. 
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