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Where is this Bleeding Coming From?!?

I'm currently 9 weeks and since last Tuesday I've had off and on bleeding, more so on. I ended up in the ER Thursday night because the cramps and bleeding were getting heavier. Everything looked great on my abdominal ultrasound and the doc did a pelvic exam. Wouldn't she have been able to see an irritated cervix or something? Instead I'm on bedrest til my appointment on Wednesday:(. Where's the blood and cramping coming from?!?

Re: Where is this Bleeding Coming From?!?

  • I forgot to mention I've been having pretty intense cramps too
  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm dealing with pretty much the same thing at a little over 10 weeks and it's terrifying. Unfortunately, there still seems to be a lot that doctors don't understand about pregnancy and many women with bleeding go on to have healthy babies. I'll keep you in my thoughts and be hoping for the best for both of us!
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  • I'm sorry you are going through this, unfortunately I don't think we can tell you much more than your doctor. T&P for you and i hope you have some good support in the next few days.
  • It's the most stressful thing in the world and I am sorry you have to go through it!  I had bleeding at about 5-6 weeks and my RE reassured me that most pregnancies have bleeding in the first trimester and it doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem. I've talked to many women who have experienced heavy bleeding and cramping and continued to have healthy pregnancies/babies. It's easier said than done when told not to stress but keep hope and rest until you can get in to see what's going on. 
  • I spotted/bled for 3 weeks (week 6-8) and I am sorry to hear when anyone has to go through it because it is very nerve racking. I had a doctor's appointment on the heaviest day and I remember being so ANGRY because I was sure the pregnancy was over. Then the tech did the ultrasound and my little peanut was there,  kicking up a storm.  I was on modified bed rest,  doc didn't want my heart rate up above 150 for a bit but they couldn't give me an answer to what the heck was going on.  What we do know is that I am now on week 17 and my little girl looks to be doing really well.  So try to keep positive thoughts and know that you are not alone.  
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