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My husband told me he's feeling sexually neglected...any other mommas dealing with this issue?? He says he understands that my body and emotions are all over the place and we can't have sex for several weeks but that he still has needs...Torn on how to handle

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  • Hmm...that's a tough one because I know I'm not going to be up for anything besides sleep once my baby comes. I personally feel like sex should be on the back burner until I fully recover because I did all the work and he gets a lovely baby in the end lol. However, if you truly want to make him happy there's always your hands and mouth? I just hope you're not feeling obligated. You deserve some pampering after making and birthing a baby!
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  • We're all adults so I'll be blunt. B.j.
  • He's being a dick, but he's also being honest. So be honest right back. Do you miss intimacy with him? Do you have any sex drive at all right now? Do you have no interest in those things right now? 

    I think telling him how you feel and maybe settling in the middle with spooning, kissing, caressing, hand job or blow job are all options depending on both of your comfort. 
  • Judge if you will, but DH and I have a very sexual relationship. Every relationship is different
  • Naked make out and hand job in the shower while LO naps?  
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  • Obviously all of us have healthy sex lives lol. We've been through a lot these past few weeks. I've been blessed with a calm baby and lots of help from my mom. So their is that...
  • When I feel bad for my fiance, I treat him to some handsy action. I know its not his favourite but he also knows that sometimes it's all I can handle. We mutually make the best of it and he ultimately still gets off.
  • my DH has mentioned it to me but isn't really complaining about it. he's been supportive thru n thru. so i did treat him to something special to tie him over. ;)

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  • I like to use a hj about once a week and sprinkle in bj's if I'm feeling particularly generous. Let's be honest, a bj is wayyy more work than a hj. So bj's are for more special occasions like when he's really being great to me and/or I really want something good in return. Frankly, you should in turn be getting foot rubs or back rubs or something nice from him too bc he ain't the only one with needs in your relationship. It's just that yours are different now. Let's be honest here I mean, blow jobs just don't grow on trees! Otherwise the neighborhood would be full of em.
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  • SO has been all but begging - jk he's now resulted to begging. 
    Hope by v-day I'll be back in service. 
    Mommas starting to feel lonely. 
  • SO has been so frisky recently. I was laying on the floor playing with my son and the dogs and SO pinned me to the floor. Not happening, dear. I'm only 3 weeks out. And I've already told him that with how horrible it was after DS, he shouldn't get his hopes up. Plus, birth control this time around! Lol I told him that he can sleep in the garage until BC is in full effect. 
    I feel bad for the guy, but I personally cannot do bj's. Just can't do it. I get sick every time I try. So, he's got hands and he's got a masturbation sleeve that he enjoys using. Luckily, he's been really understanding. 
  • We're complete opposite. We're almost 4 weeks postpartum. I'm sooooo ready. But then I've been bugging him for that last 2 weeks LoL but he has had no interest what so ever. He said that you just can't unsee what goes on down there when you're pushing out a baby. Sooooo unfair. I gave him his first child and now I have to suffer out the consequences that it wasn't a pretty experience for him? Ugh!
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