Cloth Diapering

Wipe solution or spray bottle?

My question is for anyone who uses cloth wipes and makes their own cleaning solution. Do you soak your wipes in a solution, or do you use a spray bottle, and why? What is in your solution? What ingredients have you found work or don't work? Any trouble with allergic reactions? Thank you! I am very exited to cloth diaper for the first time (used disposables with my other two) and we really want to use cloth wipes as well. I want to be successful in this! 

Re: Wipe solution or spray bottle?

  • We use cloth wipes, and we used to make a spray solution. We stopped, though, and started using just water. Sometimes we use a spray bottle, but we usually just run the wipes under the tap when it's time for a diaper change. DS has sensitive skin, so lots of perfumes and oils don't work very well. We follow up most diaper changes with a little bit of coconut oil, and we rarely have problems with rashes or redness. Daycare does the same thing with no problems. 
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