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How many other Preggos in your life?

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The last time I was pregnant, I had 7 friends expecting/having babies within less than a year of my son! This time around I only know of a few acquaintances.

How many other Preggos in your life? 81 votes

9% 8 votes
33% 27 votes
27% 22 votes
12% 10 votes
6% 5 votes
I have suspicions there are/will be others in the upcoming months!
6% 5 votes
I live under a rock and only talk to my "Bumpies"
4% 4 votes

Re: How many other Preggos in your life?

  • 1 acquaintance, that's it! Last time I shared my pregnancy with 3 co workers and my husband's cousin. Some friends had babies in between, but most of my friends aren't having babies yet. 
  • I have 3 friends who are confirmed pregnant and about 5 or so that I know are trying!
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  • My brother's wife is also pregnant. It will be their second son and he is due start of June. But that is all, I don't know many people lol.
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    Last time I was pregnant, my sister, 2 coworkers and 5 friends were pregnant as well. This time my sister (same one), a cousin, 7 coworkers (3 in my department and 4 in my old department) and 2 friends are pregnant...and it's still early! Holy moly!
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    I picked I live under a rock and only talk to my "Bumpies" but those bumpies are from my Aug10 group.  There are 3 of us due in Sept and 3 others within a few months.   

    ETA: I hate the word preggo.  I'm pregnant!  Preggo reminds me of spaghetti sauce.
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  • I have several other mommies from my J14 group pregnant (one due the same day) and a few friends IRL, too :)

    It's another boy!
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  • SIL is due in March and there are multiple women at work pregnant 
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  • Oh darn I hit 1-2 without fully thinking about it. It's actually 3. My childhood BFF with her 2nd. A new BFF with her 2nd and my BIL's wife with their first. And FWIW, my sis just had a baby 12/21!
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  • @618mom22boys I also am not a huge fan of the word "preggo" for the same spaghetti sauce reason you said above. DH and I now call it Ragu when someone's pregnant to further mock the name. I don't think it would've been well received if I had posted "how many Ragus do you know?"  :|
  • I have 5 co workers, 3 cousins, and 4 friends.  Not to mention 10 other people I don't really see anymore but still have on Facebook.  Oh and two past bumpies that I still chat with.
  • Two friends are due in March and my SIL is due in July.
  • I have 4 friends and 1 cousin all due during the month of September! 
  • My college roommate is due in June. :) 
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  • A coworker of mine is due in the beginning of Sept as well as a friend's sister. I know there is another coworker who is trying. 

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  • My husband has one sister, one brother, 4 step sisters, and 2 step brothers. The youngest is 23 and the oldest is 31. There is always SOMEONE pregnant. Usually 2-3 at a time for the past several years. 
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  • I have my 2 sister in laws and 3 close friends.  
  • My BFf is about 6 weeks ahead of me
  • None in my life. I prefer Barilla.

    But in seriousness, too many to count. I know A LOT of pregnant women. 
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  • I like my own homemade sauce or Clasico in a pinch. 

    It's me, a fellow pole dancer friend and a fellow bumpie that lives in my area! @ShimmerAndSass ;
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