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Baby gagging all of sudden

My son is 11 mo old.  Started solids at 6 months and progressively moved to textured, chunky, and finally finger foods.  He just started feeding himself bits of food in the last 3 weeks I would say.  Just this past week he has started gagging on almost everything where before he was fine.  Yesterday i pureed veggies to be a "sauce" for pasting ( that itty bitty pasta) and he gagged until his eyes watered, I thought he was choking.  He makes that face likes he is about to vomit.  Scary.  But he doesn't do it all the time and there is no reason, like gagging on something that isn't even chunky, to a single pea.  But he can eat pieces of waffle and see ok.  Any thoughts?  This is all new behavior.

Re: Baby gagging all of sudden

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    Hmmm, that's odd. Have you asked the Pedi? I have no idea!
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    Just wanted to share that this has been happening with my baby too. In April 2015 moms there was a thread about it, and lots of us confirmed that it is a common thing with all of our babies. You are not alone! I think it's the baby trying to swallow something of a new texture and triggering their sensitive gag reflex. I HATE it.
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    This probably isn't the case, since you mentioned he's gagging with purees too, but could it have anything to do with him feeding himself and putting his fingers too far back in his mouth? My little guy does that sometimes now.
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