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All these BABIES!!!!

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All these baby posts!!!! I want mine!!! Hahaha. Anyone else feeling incredibly anxious and somewhat jealous? I hate to sound like an 8 year old, but when is it my turn?! :-) So happy to see everyone's LOs!

Re: All these BABIES!!!!

  • So many babies!! I love reading about and seeing them everyday now :smile:. My due date is monday and I'm super anxious, I think more so then the first time around (STM). Life's about to get super chaotic for us soon! I'm trying to enjoy the last few days of being pregnant and relaxing some when I get a chance!

  • I love all the posts!!! I had a dream I had mine however I woke up and I was still pregnant. I can't wait!!!!!
  • My EDD is 2/26, so I still have a little while, but all these babies!!!!! I want to post about mine!!!
  • I'm also loving all the baby posts!  <3
  • Yessss! I love seeing and reading all the posts about everyone's cute squishy babies! But I'm not scheduled to be induced until 2/25 so I have a few weeks of waiting as well. Being due at the end of the month, and watching everyone have theirs before us is causing so much anticipation and maybe a tad bit of jealousy lol. But our day will come soon :smile: and until then reading all these birth stories keeps me entertained.
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  • Yes! I love all of the baby announcements! Due date of 2/26 here and it is making me so anxious and ready. I just want to hold him already. Haha. 
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    Im so happy for everyone but definitely feeling a twinge of jealousy. I'm not a patient person and the fact that I'm 0 dilated and 0% effaced has me pretty much set that I still have 2-4 weeks (EDD 2/15) of waiting. Even a FB friend who was 2 weeks behind me had her baby last night. I just want to meet my little girl already!
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  • I'm super jealous myself! I'm not due until February 27th!!!! But it's been so awesome seeing all of the new babies (already!!!) it's helping make the time go by a little quicker :)
  • I love seeing everyone else's babies!!! Mine can hang tight for a little bit longer (EDD 2/14) so I can make some extra money :smile: 
  • Definitly waiting patiently for my baby boy's arrival. I'm due the 8th but I know he will come late. But I do love seeing all these babies. 
  • I'm starting my induction tonight at 6pm! (I have cholestasis so I have to deliver by 37 weeks) I've mostly been lurking for 9 months, but I will post a picture of my baby once he's here! 
  • I love seeing everyone's posts too!  Ready for my little guy to get here now more than ever tho!  I'm having my csection on the 9th... just over a week now!  

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  • I do love the baby posts, but I'll happily take maybe a week or week and half of extra prep time. EDD is 2/16, and I sure don't mind if he's a little early...but not quite ready yet!!
  • Feeling a little anxious too! I'm due 2/2 and it's not even February and so many have arrived already!
  • g8trkim said:
    I know! So excited for the other mommies but I'm over here like...

    Yes. This. Perfect!
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