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He's finally here!

Went in for my final dr check up Friday morning. Had high blood pressure and ended up being induced same day at noon. 

At 9:35pm Cole came into the world and we couldn't be happier. He's absolutely perfect!! 

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Re: He's finally here!

  • Congratulations! 

  • Congratulations!! He's adorable!
  • Congrats on your sweet boy!
  • Congratulations!
  • Congrats, what a cutie!
  • Congratulations!!

  • Congrats!!! The look on his face his hilarious! He looks like, "I've had this exit strategy planned the whole time." So precious!
  • I love the picture he's so cute
  • Awww congrats! I love how he looks like he's playing peek a boo already :)
  • Omg he's he cutest thing ever!!! Congrats! 
  • Aww he's making such a cute face in the pic! Congrats! 
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  • Congratulations! His face is awesome. He looks like he's totally thinking about something and being smug about it.

  • He's so cute! Congrats! X
  • Congrats!

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  • He's soo cute!! Congrats!
  • Congrats!! That face is so precious! 
  • Congratulations!
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