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First Birthday Party

Just looking for advice.  I am throwing my daughter's first birthday party.  My sister-in-law is pregnant and wanted to reveal the gender of her baby at my daughter's birthday party.  I told my brother that the day was supposed to be about my daughter and I wished that they would find another time to announce.  Instead of calling me, they just posted the gender on Facebook.  My guess is that I made them both mad.  Was I right in telling them this?  How do I handle them posting it on Facebook without calling?

Re: First Birthday Party

  • You were right, all the way. I have a cousin who tries to hi-jack every single event for herself. She got engaged a year after my brother, planned her wedding for a month before, got pregnant six months before the wedding. 
    Her gender reveal was in June, bachelorette party in July, bridal shower the next week, wedding in August, first baby shower in September... My brother got married the first weekend in October and we literally had NO time to be able to give them a shower. Then the week after my brother's wedding, she threw a second baby shower on my cousin's birthday. She's always been like that. But it's SO INAPPROPRIATE. People need to realize not everything is about them. She could have done a gender reveal the weekend before/after your daughter's birthday. They were very selfish and petty to just post on Facebook out of anger as a "dig." 
  • And honestly, I don't think you need to say anything.
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  • dayj11dayj11 member
    I agree the birthday isn't the time or place to do that.  That's your daughters special day
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