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Here's how it went down..

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So Mariah April came at 38.1, 6 pounds 12 ounces, 18 inches long. January 28th at 6:32am.

i went in for my regular OB appointment Wednesday at 2:20. I was in the clinic 5 minutes at most. I walked in, did my weight, did my vitals.. BP was 140/97. A continued increase over the last 3 weeks that was becoming more drastic each visit. The midwife comes in and tells me to grab my stuff and go to the MICC. That I am 90% likely to be induced today(well Wednesday). So I did, after 3 hours of waiting, contracting, cramping, and crying from pain; I finally went to the back to triage. That lasted all of 10 minutes. I was officially staying. They let me go down to the cafeteria while they cleaned my room to eat before the induction. So I did and hung out with my husband on our last night as husband and wife first! (Cause now we are parents first. Husband and wife second..) anyways, we get back to the room get all settled and things get rolling. Doctor come in to do the basic tests before we proceed with the induction. Then I hear "well this changes plans" Mariah was breech and transverse at the same time. That doesn't make sense? Yeah I know.. Her head was in my ribs then she curled down in a u shape so her butt was in my pelvis and then her legs and feet were in my other ribs.. A c-section was then the only option. So it was decided at 2:30 am we would go back. Then they changed that as pushed us back to 5am. We wound up ACTUALLY going back at 6:10-6:15ish. My c-section was such an insane experience. I couldn't stop puking the whole time. It was so bad I choked and I couldn't turn my head to see husband and baby. Then to make matters worse, I had one of those doctors who yells about everything as if she's in a soap opera, and she triggered a huge anxiety attack in me and I started hyperventilating and the oxygen wasn't helping. Everyone eas telling this doctor to chill out but she just kept telling things and being annoying. My anesthesiologist snapped after about 8 minutes of me gagging and not breathing and moving while there were knives in me, he kicked her out.. Back to the food stuff..... 
I am now doing really good. I was able to move and walk within 4 hours and Mariah is a really sweet baby. She's not ugly. Thank you Lord. She's also covered in hair. All that heartburn paid off. :wink: we go home in a few hours. 
Mak there you have it. A normal 15 minute doctor visit became a 96 hour escapade.

ps sorry about the inevitable typos.. I for some reason can see, but can't see at the same time. So it looks right now, but I'm sure in 4 hours it won't be. 
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Re: Here's how it went down..

  • Congrats! She's beautiful!  Glad you get to go home soon!  We've had a similar experience @ WRNMMC, but ours started Thursday in the clinic and we went to MICC for monitoring after and again today for a growth scan and found out we're being induced on Monday since he's too little. 
  • mommaz1 said:
    Congrats! She's beautiful!  Glad you get to go home soon!  We've had a similar experience @ WRNMMC, but ours started Thursday in the clinic and we went to MICC for monitoring after and again today for a growth scan and found out we're being induced on Monday since he's too little. 
    He's too little? How small is he...? I hope he doesn't need NICU time or anything! That's so crazy that we were both at the hospital! I wish I posted this sooner, I would have said hi to you and told you which nurses were the best that day! 
  • It's so crazy! He's measuring 34 weeks at 37.4 so down in the 7th percentile and about 5 lbs. He was up at 29 weeks when we were 27, so it's a bit disconcerting. 
  • Aww /: well Mariah measured aheD for a long time and then she dropped really far behind but caught back up. They'll take good care of you and baby here . Probably encourage a TON of feedings. Ask for extra feeding logs if you want when you leave. Then you can keep track of it at home since they will likely ask 
  • What a journey! Congratulations, I bet her furry brethren will be happy to meet her as well :)
  • So very exciting @thisusername aside from all the madness! At least you will always have a crazy story to tell her about her birth ;). Congratulations to you and your H <3 Hope you continue to heal well.

  • Congrats!!!! She is precious!!!
  • Oh man! What a story--so glad it had a happy ending and you're all doing well! She's absolutely adorable, too!
  • Congratulations!! Im glad recovery is going well and that you are headed home soon!

  • Glad they finally got that doctor out of there. Congratulations! 

  • Awh! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! What an adventure! I'm so glad everything ended smoothly and you both are doing well!!
  • Congrats! She's beautiful
  • Congratulations! She's a precious ending to a crazy entrance!

  • Congrats again Mama. So glad everything turned out well. Enjoy that precious little girl :)
  • You are one tough mama! I am so happy she is here and you are recovering. She is beautiful!!!
  • Yay!!!! So happy for you that she here and all is well. Rest up and enjoy!!!
  • Congratulations mama! So happy for you! What a crazy story but I'm glad all is well. At least this didn't happen during the blizzard last week :) . I wish you the best and enjoy your beautiful little one! 
  • Wow! What a story! Congrats on your precious little girl!
  • Wow, what an adventure!! She's beautiful and you're gonna be an awesome mommy!
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  • Congrats! 



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  • @thisusername one day your commenting on different post next thing your posting on the birth story! Congrats darling glad to know everything worked out well. 
  • Ahh congrats @thisusername !!!!!  I am so thrilled for you and she is absolutely beautiful!!!!! 
  • The vom part sounds awful. Must've been scary there for a while, but now you can enjoy your baby girl. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!
  • She's so beautiful!! And what a birth story! I'm shocked they let you go home so soon after a csection!! I stayed in the hospital for five days after mine back in 2010. 
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  • Congratulations, she is so beautiful. I'm glad to hear you were able to be up and moving after a few hours. Take care!

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