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Newly pregnant but questionable blood results

Hi Ladies,

I believe I'm 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  I got blow taken yesterday and my doctor called me today with the results.  My HCG was 1844 (which I think is ok) but my pregesterone was only 8.4 (she would have liked to see 14 or more).  She wants me to start progesterone ASAP.  Can anyone relate to this?  How bad are my numbers?  Any advice would be great!  Thanks!

Re: Newly pregnant but questionable blood results

  • I just want to say congratulations! I don't have personal experience with progesterone, but I do know that your situation isn't that uncommon. A boost in progesterone can help support the early stages in the pregnancy. That HCG level is within normal range for how far along you think you are. Good luck to you!
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  • Thank you!  Hoping for the best!
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  • I have to take Progesterone in Oil shots but that is because I was an IVF/FET patient.  You will most likely have to take suppositories that have progesterone in them to increase your levels.  My RE told me yesterday that at 4w4d, they wanted me to be above 10, so I'd say you probably need to be at least 10, but I don't know if it changes based on how far along you are.
  • Started progesterone suppositories today...  I wonder what the chances are that they'll work.  Not sure what to make of this...
  • I was about that low before progesterone at about 6 weeks. I had to do the suppositories until 10 weeks when they saw the placenta forming. I'm now 12 weeks along and baby seems right on target. 

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  • @JessTy3I'm on suppositories as well. My progesterone was about 9.6 and I'm on the suppositories for at least 4 wks. Hoping they work for both of us!

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  • @JessTy3 - I didn't have a level drawn, but with my first, an ultrasound before I even knew I was pregnant showed the my lining was REALLY thin from the Clomid.  Once I got my BFP, they started me on progesterone suppositories through the 13th week.  It plumped it right up.  I've heard the absorption is best vaginally, so I think they should get your level up nicely.  Good luck!!  Will they check your level again?
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  • On monday...  Sonogram on Wednesday.  Thanks for sharing!
  • HCG seems awesome, you'd be amazed how many take progesterone to supplement and everything is fine in the long run. I've been taking both the suppositories and PIO injections due to FET but should be getting off of them in the next 1-2 weeks
  • Thank you for responding!  Thoughts on how
    low my 8.4 progesterone is? I was about 5 weeks and 6 days when the test was taken.
  • @JessTy3 my doc said she'd be happier if it was 10 or above, and mine was tested around the same time as yours.

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  • I was started on progesterone oral tablets a few days ago. My progesterone level was at 14 at about 7 weeks. It had dropped from 17.
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