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Just got back from the doctor ...

and I'm pretty annoyed! 

I had had some bleeding this week that has since stopped so they scheduled me for an ultrasound. I was measuring at 5 weeks 6 days, based on my OPK I thought I was 6 weeks, but seemed fine to me. Saw the heart beating at 97bmp. I was so relieved, the bleed was from a subchronic hemorrhage which I also experienced in my first pregnancy. Again, feeling pretty optimistic after all of this. 

Then enter my OB. He says there were some positives, but I was measuring behind (by 1 day!!) and that they prefer to see the heart rate at 100 or higher. It was 97! I understand he can't be 100% sure it's going to be ok but really?!

Im scheduled for a follow up ultrasound in a week. 

Everything I've read seems like this heart rate would be in the normal range. Maybe I'm overacting or maybe I need a new doctor. My doctor that delivered my daughter is no longer delivering babies, so I was bummed, but this new guy came from a recommendation and has received multiple awards and recognitions in my area. 

So, I'm taking the rest of the day off from work and eating Reese's peanut butter cups while my daughter is at preschool. 

Re: Just got back from the doctor ...

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    Sounds like a good cautious dr to me! With my last I went in for bleeding and my dr. dismissed it for a subchronic hemmorage and then later realized I had conceived twins. That was lazy and uncalled for. I like your dr. approach. 

  • Sorry you're annoyed but I agree with PP, it looks like your doctor took the right approach. He's obligated to tell you what he expects. 

    I was told the exact same thing and have to also go back in a week for another ultrasound. I had some bleeding as well and measured 4 days behind, tech also found a subchorionic hemorrhage. Good luck to you. I'm sure everything will be ok. 
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  • The doctor seems like they pay attention to the details. I agree with PPs. 

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