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5 minutes apart rule? Did you follow!

I could search and Google but I am in so much pain I'm just going to post a question. I am a FTM, 41w2d. I have been timing my contractions since 4am this morning (I haven't been able to sleep at all because of them). It is currently 1.13pm where I live. I have been stuck at 7-8 minutes apart for most of these hours! And it is becoming more and more painful. I can't walk through them, I have to stop. If someone is near me I want to scream at them. My uterus gets rock hard and it feels like period cramps x's 5000. I have tried showers, warm compresses... 

To the question: my hospital has a five minutes apart rule. Did you guys feel this severity of pain while laboring at home and having contractions more than five minutes apart? Did you try going into the hospital anyways? I'm just so stubborn I hate to call them or go in when they don't want me to. What did you guys do? When did you decide to go to hospital? Water has not broken. Sorry for these scattered questions. I have to type in between contractions or else I can't, hurts too much. 

Re: 5 minutes apart rule? Did you follow!

  • Sorry... I didn't mean to put an "!"... Dumb phone. 
  • I would say if you can't walk and talk through them that they would probably admit you at least for observation and fluids. I would go ahead and call or just go in.
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  • I would definitely call at the very least. Worst they can do is send you home. If you're in that much pain it's better know what's going on. I assure you the hospital won't mind. 
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  • My contractions were never consistent, so I felt that rule couldn't apply to everyone. 
  • I would call. My contractions were a little inconsistent and I was trying to wait for the 5 minute rule too but I was also worried about traffic so I called. I had to hand my husband the phone to talk to he nurse during a contraction and she told him to hold the phone up so she could hear me breathing. Meanwhile, I was on all fours panting and crying my way through...so yeah they told us to come in.  :p I was already at 4 when I got to the hospital even though j technically never hit the 5-1-1, so I'd say the "rule" is more of a guideline! Good luck mama!! 
  • Nope! Doc said if I had contractions that took my breath away that that was good enough. Granted I also live 40 min away from the hospital I delivered at. I say go get checked out!
  • Definitely call the hospital. I would bet you're in labor. 

    My contractions were not five minutes apart so I also was hesitant to call. Mine were 10 minutes long every 45 minutes. I was glad I did call and went in. 

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  • My contractions were never 5 minutes apart. When I was admitted they were anywhere from 10-7 minutes apart and then they jumped right to 2 minutes apart. I agree with PP, if you can't walk through them, I'd go in to at least get checked.
  • Mine weren't ever fully consistent either and definitely weren't for an hour minimum. When I got there and was checked they commented about doing most of my labor at home, I was like "uhhhhhh....guess so?" I tried to keep it to 1-5-1 but I was in so much pain we said screw it I couldn't handle it. 
  • My hospital said to come in when contractions were 3-4 mins apart. But I wasn't in that kind of pain. I think you should go in. 
  • My doctor's rule was 5 minute rule OR so painful they take your breath away. 
  • Mine were very all over the place. They would be 3-5 min for 30 min and then jump to 7 then back to 5 and then 10. I went and they sent me home because I was only 2cm. The next morning they were the same timing but I was in soo much pain dealing with back labour as well (literally balled everytime it came) and so finally went back at 4 am. I was still only 2 cm but because I was in so much pain they admitted me. So long story short if you are in that much pain I would go. Or very least call them and see what they say! Not everyones contractions are consistant so better safe then sorry! Good luck! 
  • I waited until they were are 5 minutes because they were at 10 for awhile and then they just skipped to 3. When we got to the hospital and I was checked I was already 9 cm so I wouldn't wait!
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