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Has anyone lost a twin?

Hey ladies. I'm hoping someone out there might have some advice for me.

I starting bleeding on Tuesday morning, a good gush of blood with some tissue in it. I called the doctor’s office and they had me come in immediately for labs. I bled for about an hour, then the bleeding slowed to spotting, then by the end of the day just residual brownish blood that continued through yesterday. The doctor instructed me to take it easy, come back on Thursday for a second set of labs, and to go immediately to the ER if I went through more than a pad an hour and/or if I starting having severe cramping.

I went in yesterday for the 2nd lab and they called me a few hours later saying that my HCG levels were “very elevated”, and I needed to go in for an emergency ultrasound at the hospital. By the time I got in to the hospital, my doctor’s office was already closed for the day.

We did a regular u/s and a vaginal one, and I am 99% sure I saw two sacs, but only one with a baby. The u/s tech wrote “Baby A” on some of the photos that she sent to the doctor (didn’t write anything on the two she gave me). She took a ton of measurements, well beyond just the one sac that had a baby. She showed me the heartbeat (which by the way was a HUGE relief)! The tech really isn’t allowed to disclose information, it is something only the doctor can do. So at the end of the appointment, I was fishing for some relief and said, “So, can I just assume all is well unless I hear different from the doctor?” She said, “Well you saw a baby with a heartbeat, so hopefully that will ease your mind.”

Between the nurse telling me my HCG levels were “very elevated” and that I saw two sacs on the u/s, I just have this feeling the office is going to call today telling me that I was pregnant with twins but I lost one. I am very thankful that there is still a thriving baby in there, but I keep thinking that if I lost one, I am going to lose the other. Or that there is something wrong with the baby. I am trying really hard not to stress out about it, but I’m having SUCH a hard time keeping my mind off of it.

Has anyone experienced a loss of one twin? Was the other baby born healthy? Any advice? 

Re: Has anyone lost a twin?

  • We had two sacs at our initial US at 6w, but by our f/u us 2 weeks later we have just one healthy baby.   How far along are you?
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  • I will be 8 weeks tomorrow. Did your doctor seem to be concerned about going from two sacs to one baby, or just that it happens? I almost feel frustrated with my doctor for not scheduling something for me to come see her today. Am I crazy for feeling like this?
  • With DS, I had a dating u/s between 7 and 8 weeks. I wish I had a picture on my phone to show you, but there was a spot on it that I thought looked like a second, empty sac. The technician assured me it wasn't ( I forget what she said it was) and I have seen other early ultrasound pics with a similar spot. What I am saying is don't try to analyze your u/s - those things are hard to read. Congratulations on the fact that you have a baby with a healthy heartbeat and good luck as your pregnancy progresses. 

  • I had my first ultrasound yesterday in my doc's office...their machine is very old and the quality was terrible.  We saw one sack with a baby and heartbeat and another empty sack.  She couldn't see anything in the other sack (her machine was terrible) but she did say it could be a twin...or could be a vanishing twin.  I'm about 8 weeks right now (again with her terribly old machine she couldn't give me a due date or real estimate).  I'm hoping to have another ultrasound next week to get a date and confirm.

    has anyone seen a heartbeat in one sack and not the other and still end up having twins?
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    My last pregnancy was twins. Lost one at 11 weeks after I went in for bleeding. My DH was pretty upset about it but I didn't know there was 2 to begin with so I was ok with one healthy baby. Both of my sisters conceived twins and lost them as well. My older sister lost hers at 13 weeks and my younger sister lost hers at 12 weeks. Both of them carried theirs to 40 weeks and had to deliver them. I consider myself lucky I didn't have to go through that. We all had fraternal twins. Sorry no advice but I've heard a lot of pregnancies start out twins.

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