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  • I know how incredibly lucky I am to have DH ready and willing to help take care of DS when we are both home, but sometimes I wish he just would let me take care of him. I know he is still learning how to care for a newborn because he has never been around one, but I get so frustrated when I get him calm only to have DH come over to 'cuddle' and he overstimulates DS and gets him all worked up and wide awake again. He always tries for a long while to get him to calm back down and it's so hard for me, knowing all I have to do is offer him boob to pacify him to sleep. 
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  • DH does a good job when he's with DS.  I just wish he had more intuition when it comes to the "What to do next" instances.  Lately DS has been very active during 6pm and it can last anywhere from 4-5 hours.  This is usually when DH is home from work and the time he gets to spend with the baby during the work week.  He thinks that the baby should just be changed, eat, burped, cuddled for 15-20 minutes, then put to bed.  So when this routine doesn't work for him in that way, he is often quick to pass him off to me and/or come and get me out of bed to console him because he has "tried everything."  Really?! You haven't seen tried everything until you've spent nights up with him or an entire day of fussiness and crying.  

    As PP stated, it's just as east to get the baby from him and get him calm again, but I really want DH to try as much on his own as possible. Especially because I am home with him 75% of the time, so DH doesn't get as much contact/bonding with LO as I do. 
  • I think it's funny when DS gets scared and jumps... 
    I don't do anything to scare him, he just randomly gets scared.. It's hilarious 
  • I wish my stomach was bigger so I could enjoy eating food to a small extent.
  • I wish Tornado Grace didn't hit my house several times a day. I love that DD plays with most of her toys but WHY must it be scattered?! Teaching a(n almost) 2 yr old to clean up is hard work!!!
  • Our upstairs neighbors fight, CONSTANTLY, and we have thin floors and walls, so I hear everything.  Since I'm home all day now waiting for the baby, and they are too... for some reason, it is driving me insane.  All day they've been screaming obscenities at each other and I finally lost my cool and smacked the ceiling twice, loudly, with my cane.  I feel like that was rude, but it worked and they decided to either stop arguing, or take their screaming elsewhere.  I have no regrets.

    Also, I have stopped microwaving my lunch meat.  Feeling like a real rebel today, guys.
  • My 1 month old is currently downstairs (safely in a swing) crying his head off and has been for the past 5 mins. I'm upstairs eating lunch and cake just watching him on the monitor while he has a good cry. I'll probably go get him soon, but right now mommy needs lunch.
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  • My daughters pouting face that she makes before starting to cry (or during REM sleep) is sooo freaking cute!!
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    My 1 month old is currently downstairs (safely in a swing) crying his head off and has been for the past 5 mins. I'm upstairs eating lunch and cake just watching him on the monitor while he has a good cry. I'll probably go get him soon, but right now mommy needs lunch.
    I'm so glad you posted this! I've done the same thing. I feel bad about it but they're safe and it's not a "I'm in pain" cry.
  • I *really* miss being pregnant.
  • True Life: I'm obsessed with my baby
  • I really resent those who have help for their babies. 
    I have no help besides my SO who is at work and can't leave until after 9pm, and he has to be back at work at 7:30am so I won't get any sleep tonight. 

    I just want to cry and give up. 
    LO is crying and I don't know why 

  • I hate my SO's job. He is having multiple health issues and the endocrinologist can get him in on Monday or Tuesday, but Tuesday I'm being induced and Monday his work won't allow him off because everyone else took off for vacation even though he has health issues that are borderline life threatening. The endo will give him a doctors note to excuse him from work that morning so he can be seen since what he has going on is rare and needs specific long term treatment, but he is being forced to wait. I will just hold them medically responsible, so if anything happens I will have them charged with practicing medicine without a license.
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    I have a love/hate relationship with my baby wrap thing. It's great and it's about the only thing that calms the storm... but she's a mini furnace, and my under boob area is already plenty sweaty without her added body heat. 

    Sweaty boobs and calm, sleeping baby vs cool and comfy, with a baby screaming so hard she's just making squeaks because she's practically lost her voice... decisions, decisions. 

    ETA: I've dubbed LO as "Beanie" because her farts/poops make me think of a nursing home full of old men with beans on the dinner menu... Holy stink! 
  • Oh my gosh it's a miracle, DS turned 6 weeks old today since it's after midnight and he just went 5 hours between feedings which meant almost 4 hrs straight of sleep for me! It does get better! Never thought it would happen bc of how rough those first few weeks were but it's finally improving! I can handle the every hour and a half to two hour feedings and evening cluster feeding during the day if this is what the nights are finally starting to be like! It gets better everyone!!
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