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Will be pcs'ing oconus at 28 weeks ... help!

Dh and I just found out yesterday we are expecting our little surprise. We are scheduled to leave our house here in April, my hubby has a school before we PCS and take terminal leave so I am taking our boys to my parents for a few months and then we'll fly to Japan!   I am still wrapping my head around all of this. I need to get 3 doctors in 3 different places..can I even fly at 28 weeks?? Do we need to tell the Navy? I don't even know where to begin. This is all so unexpected and I am such a planner. I don't even know what it is I'm looking for in replies. I'm just shocked. Still. 
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Re: Will be pcs'ing oconus at 28 weeks ... help!

  • Yes you can do it! I just did this. I found I was pregnant last Feb. We moved for a TDY enroute to a PCS in June when I was 18 weeks and then PCSed overseas to Germany when I was 33-34 weeks in Sept. I had 3 different OBs throughout my pregnancy.

    If you'll be changing regions within tricare, you'll need to call that region and let them know you live there now. (I went from West to South to overseas) It's super easy. Then you'll get a referral at your new base for a civilian OB if there aren't services at that MTF.

    As long as your pregnancy is uncomplicated you'll be fine to fly at 28 weeks. I was right on the cusp of not being able to fly, most airlines cutoff is 36 weeks. So just double check the airlines website when looking at flights, but no one ever even asked me how far along I was.

    Have you done your check up for PCSing to Japan? I forget what it's called, but it's basically a prerequisite to do before moving overseas. They basically want to make sure if you have a need (in your case, pregnancy) that that need can be met while OCONUS. If you haven't yet, then just wait to tell them then. If you have, I'm not sure.

    I researched OBs in the areas I was headed, got added to base FB pages and asked questions to see who people saw and recommended. It worked out well, I ended up with 3 great OBs throughout the pregnancy.
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  • Thank you so much for this information!! I was sure someone had done it before but I wasn't sure I would find them! Great! I've already done our medical screening, but my friend is actually posted where we will be and they just had a baby at that base so we should be good once we get there, it was just all the stops along the way that had me nervous! Ah. Breath of relief, thank you thank you! 
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  • Your welcome. It was a bit overwhelming at first when I found out we'd be moving overseas mid-pregnancy. But the pregnancy was the least complicated part about the whole move for me, so hopefully the same will go for you. If you think of any more questions let me know and I'll try to help. It's all still fresh in my mind. Good luck with it all! It will all work out in the end, so try not to stress too much.
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