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Hello! My original due date was February 1st but now I am excited to announce I have a scheduled c-section on January 30th early in the morning! I have had a normal as in pretty much every symptom known to woman pregnancy and he has been beyond healthy this entire time... Two weeks ago he wanted to turn himself right side up and become what we know as breach. Does anyone have any advice for a first time mommy with handling a c-section? Thanks so much!! 

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    Well I typed out this long message and this stupid app on my phone only posted three sentences! (That's why it's being edited ) I'm headed to my c section now, so no time to retype but good luck! (FTM here too, so I'll check in after)
  • I also have a scheduled c-section due to baby being breech and was about to post the same question. Good luck to both of you ladies! I will check back and see how you are doing and what advice you have. My c/s date isn't till mid-February. 
  • Good luck, take the pain meds if you're in pain... Ask for help and take all the help you can in the hospital 
  • I will be having my third c-section in a week and a half!  I've had one emergency c-section, and one scheduled c-section.  We lost our first baby (the emergency c-section), and the recovery was terrible, because I was up moving around, and doing things WAY before I should have.  The second c-section was WONDERFUL because I was able to take my time with the recovery.  So the biggest advice I have-- take it easy!  Don't try to rush your recovery, and let others help you!  C-sections are major surgery, so you need your rest!  

    As far as the actual procedure--piece of cake!  I was so nervous with the second one, because I was knocked out for the first and didn't really know what to expect.  I was worried about nothing!  Just relax and enjoy the birth of your baby!  

    Also, find some nice, loose-fitting underwear and pants, so you don't rub against the incision too much.  :smile: 
  • @Cheryl Renee that is really great advice. TTM and second time csection here and I wish I had this advice the first time around!!

     I do second the awesome mesh panties are a must to wear and I have a friend who used depends for women when she got home. I haven't gotten any but in considering them. 

    My other advice besides seconding everything posted above is I am not going to have a lot of help so I am borrowing a walker to help get to and from the bathroom when I am alone until I can do it without. 
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  • Get one of those big elasticized abdominal bands ( most hospitals provide them if requested or you can get them at the drug store and some maternity shops). It truly makes a world of difference. 
  • how did you all make it through your scheduled c sections? My first sons was an emergency and this one is scheduled for February 3rd... My anxiety is through the roof. I'm not necessarily worried about the c section itself, it's the waiting that's getting to me! I feel like I have a million things I need to finish around the house, but don't have the energy to do anything. My mind and nerves are driving me nuts! I am so on edge
  • I was induced on Tuesday and after 30 hours of labor it ended in a c section. Knowing what I know now, I should of asked for it sooner when I wasn't progressing. Recovery is tough but you know your body and when to not push past your limits. The hospital mesh panties, dry wipes, medical supply grade gigantic diapers and squirt bottle will make your life 110% easier. Also, start the stool softeners ASAP too. Good luck!!!
  • Me too, my c-sec is on 11th due to baby being breech. I am second time though, first was head down and normal delivery so don't know what to expect! Good luck everyone!
  • Thanks for this thread everyone. I'm scheduled for a csection on the 15th due to previa. FTM, and its been a back and forth with the risks vs the baby cooking, so dh and I are excited to have it on the books and are trying to take it easy until the day gets here. I'll be 38 weeks. The advice on here is perfect and not too scary... Its nice to have somewhere to go that isn't Dr. Google. Good luck everyone, can't wait to see the announcements!
  • I was scheduled for a c-section on the 15th due to baby being breech. Then around 2:30am on Sunday, my water broke. Contractions started around 3:30am while I was in triage getting checked out, and at 5:36am I had a healthy baby boy. 

    Everything everyone has posted is dead on. I'm only on day 3, so I don't know about long-term, but I would also add:

    Easier said than done, but don't obsess over it ahead of time. I'm glad he came earlier than planned because I was already starting to lose sleep thinking about laying on the operating table, being cut open, etc. The whole thing was surreal and not scary at all. I had been working on a playlist of relaxing music because I thought I would freak out or cry the whole time, but turned out I didn't need it. My OB and the OB on call (whose house we were supposed to go to for the Super Bowl - random!) did the surgery. We talked about football and movies the whole time, which was under 30 minutes. 

    Nothing was as painful as I expected, and I am the world's biggest baby about pain. IV didn't really hurt, Foley catheter (which my hospital does before the spinal tap) was slightly uncomfortable for about five seconds but didn't hurt, lidocaine stung but spinal didn't hurt. The only exception was the first time I had to get up and walk around my room - around 12 hours post op. I was doubled over and in tears the whole time, and mentally cursing my friends for failing to warn me about this. However, the next morning I showered on my own, could stand up straight, and was walking the halls (albeit very, very slowly). I've been trying stay on top of my pain meds (Percocet + Motrin) and take them about 20-30 minutes before getting up and doing anything. 

    Invest in some Always Discreet disposable undies. They're like Depends and are much easier than the mesh panty / ginormous pad combo, and they support your incision without irritating it. (For me, the giant pad kept falling out of the back of the mesh panties.)

    Use an abdominal binder for support when walking, but you may want to loosen it or take it off when lying down. On two occasions when I was nursing, the binder started getting incredibly tight and the skin around my incision felt like it was burning. The nurse said gas/bloating from the surgery and uterine contractions from nursing can cause the binder to stretch and contract, and it can pinch the skin. 

    Stay in the hospital as long as you can! My doctor said I can go home today, but I'm going to stay till tomorrow evening since insurance will cover it. Now that I'm up and moving around some, my husband is going back to work for a couple days so he has more time with me when we're home and I need help. Plus the nurses here are amazing and taking great care of me and baby, so I am taking full advantage of that while I can. 

    This is more of a personal preference, but I've enjoyed having lots of visitors at the hospital. I don't have to get out of bed to answer the door and don't have to worry about keeping the house picked up, getting guests something to drink, etc. - which I know I would feel obligated to do at home, even if they said not to. And the nurses will screen your visitors and kick them out if you need some rest. 

    Finally, don't overdo it! Even if you feel great, take it easy and let others take care of you. 

    Hope this helps! And good luck to everyone! 

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