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Day 4 and my milk hasn't come in yet. Should I worry?

4th baby and I've never had an issue with my milk. For some reason my milk still hasn't come in this time. I don't know if I should worry or not. 
I have a weight check pedi appt tomorrow and I'll ask then. Just wondering if anyone else had a later supply?
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Re: Day 4 and my milk hasn't come in yet. Should I worry?

  • My milk came in on day 5 and she started gaining immediately! Hopefully yours comes in soon! 
  • With ds1 my milk came in on day 5. This time it was in on the second day. I think every baby/labor & delivery canne different. I hope yours comes on soon, but try not to worry. Keep nursing frequently. :)
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  • Mine came in on Day 5.  I nursed and then pumped after nursing to kick start it.  I also ate DELICIOUS MilkMakers lemon lactation cookies!  Stay hydrated, good luck!
  • Mine was pretty consistent after day 5.  
  • Mine was about day 5/6. I'm in day 8 abd I can pump a bit of milk but still not a ton. Maybe get an ounce between both breasts. 
  • Mine came in around day 5/6. DS went down almost a pound during that time, so the doctor had me pump for 10 minutes after nursing and then giving DS that milk with a syringe. Once my milk came in, he gained 12 Oz in 5 days! 
  • I was panicking because my milk came in on day 2 with DS and with DD it took until day 4 or 5. I always heard it comes in sooner with subsequent kids, but that was not the case with me. Once it did come in I ended up with major oversupply and engorgement though!

    Try to relax and drink a dark beer:)
  • I had a C section and complications with my delivery that landed me in the ICU, so I don't know if that is why, but my milk didn't come in until 7 days. Once it did, I was producing a ton. 

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