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Emergency Contact for DD

Does anyone have a cute, organized form that you plan on providing for whoever is keeping your toddler while you are in the hospital?  I guess this mostly applies to c-section mommies who will be in the hospital for a multiple days.  I haven't really found one online that I like.  Looking for something that includes emergency contact info, personal info and a basic routine.  Thanks!

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Re: Emergency Contact for DD

  • When I took a babysitting class in middle school, they had one for us to give the parents to fill out. I just looked up "babysitting emergency contact form" and it pulled up a huge list of options.

    Hope that helps!
  • Just make one. Why does it have to be cute? If it is really an emergency contact list it should be clear and easy to read and u should put the most imprtant numbers at the top.

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  • I don't see the need for it to be cute, either. 

    Pediatrician's number
    Poison Control
    DH's Number
    My Number
    Closest ER or Urgent Care Center
    School's number (if they're in school or daycare)

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