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Very late intro

Hello ladies, I know I am seriously late to the party but felt like it was time for an intro.

I have been a member since late November/early December but, thanks to a glitch, my 72- hour waiting period lasted almost 2 weeks. By the time I could post an intro I was simply invested in lurking and getting to know the feel of the boards and everyone in them. I feel like I know everyone here already. I realized I should intro as I've been lurking daily for 2 months (was starting to feel like a creeper). I know you all have a close knit community and it's nice to see that instead of millions of random people drive-by posting every 3 minutes.

I have to say that I came here from another birth board site (which will remain nameless due to TOU) after someone on my previous board complained about the "snark" on here. I must say that I LOVE this board. Everything that frustrated me about my other one is against TOU here and the posts here are much more pregnancy related and helpful to a FTM such as myself (and I LOVE the gif parties!!).

I am a 35 year old FTM and I love the community here. It's nice to meet you all.

Re: Very late intro

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