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My sister is due in May and wants to cloth diaper. She is going to use prefolds and covers at first, and then transition to AIO or Pockets when baby is big enough. I use a diaper service, so I don't know much about brands, but I want to get her some diapers as a baby shower gift. I searched around amazon and found Alva Baby pockets, which seem like a really good deal. Has anyone used them? They have 4.5 stars on Amazon, but I'm wary because they are so inexpensive. I'm also looking at the fuzzibunz deal at Costco, if anyone has used those, either.

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  • I have used Alva pockets for daycare for 2.5 years and I have never had an issue with them. I use the color snap pockets with the blend inserts which in my opinion are a little better quality then the regular Alvas and inserts. 
    I would never make these my only brand of diapers, but they have worked well for us. 

    **They are a bit cheaper if you purchase them directly from the Alva website, and they now have a California based shipping center with less print choices, but then shipping is quicker. However I have never had to wait over 2 weeks even when my diapers have come from China. 
  • I like Alva diapers to round out my stash, but I wouldn't want a whole stash of them. The inserts they come with aren't great - I sub better quality ones or add a hemp liner. They have held up really well (about 2 yrs!) but they are my least used so that could be why. The price is definitely right and they have cute prints, so maybe you could do a mixture of both brands for your sister?

  • I agree with the PP, I have some Alva baby diapers (2 AIOs, and a couple Pockets) and I do like them but I wouldn't want my whole stash to be Alva. One pocket diaper specifically always seems to spring a leak - I'm still trying to figure that one out! I definitely use my Charlie banana liners mixed in with the one that came with the Alva Diaper originally. I would suggest the AIO diapers over their pockets!
  • I like my Alva's. I probably have a dozen, maybe two. I do agree that the inserts are not the best, but those can easily be subbed out for something better
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  • I never got into Alvas or Fuzzibunz so I can't comment on those. 

    I have a handful of Kawaii brand pockets that I have used for about 2-2.5 years.  They have held up very well as has the Diaper Safari pocket I have.  I stuff my pockets with pad folded flats - easy to wash and quick to dry and they don't hold the stink like microfiber (and they feel nicer against the hands when stuffing)

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  • My stash consists primarily of Fuzzibunz with about 8 Alvas thrown in, I have never had a problem with them leak wise, I am just now (LO is 13 months) having an issue with ammonia but its typical of his age. I like both brands, all are pockets. I have a couple of Kawaii and I like those also. I use the fuzzibuns MF inserts on both brands but am switching to flats due to the ammonia issue, MF tends to hold the ammonia and my LO's ammonia burn scared the crap out of me, he had never had a rash until this one. 
  • My stash is mostly Fuzzibunz, and I stuff with flats (natural fibers are just way easier to wash). I've tried over 20 different brands, of all styles, and there's no 'perfect' diaper. I liked each for something. One boy in my home daycare uses all Alva with me, and he's 17mo using the smallest or second smallest settings-great elastics. There's no way they would have fit either of my tiny girls til at least 6 months. But they're great for bigger, older babies, and super cheap!
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