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I am 13 days past O. I am due to get my period Sunday accoring to FF, and Saturday according to the my days app that I also use. My breasts have been tender and slightly swollen for a full week now. I feel queasy at times and I notcie a lack of energy the last several days. I'm thinking there's a chance that I could be pregnant. Of course I realize that I also could be hoping so much but I'm definitely not making up the symptoms. My question is how early is too early to test?
FF says monday is the test date. Should I wait until then or do you think I could test on Saturday morning? I bought the early response tests. Thoughts?

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  • if you are 13 DPO and are truly experiencing pregnancy symptoms you should be able to turn a test positive right now if you are actually pregnant. FF just gives you a test date of 2 days past your longest LP to take away some of the disappointment of testing too early. good luck
  • @stuuuaaart - I agree completely with what the PP has said - IF those are pregnancy symptoms and not PMS then you should test positive on an pregnancy test. For what it is worth, I've had all of those symptoms - and even discharge from my breasts while NOT pregnant (sorry if TMI) so it could be something else. I suppose it depends, if you test and get a BFN how upset will you be? We waited until 18 DPO before testing our first and only time, because DH was worried about me being upset over a BFN and time of testing is a joint decision chez Catiecat...
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  • I'm in the test early, test often camp. I got my first BFP at 11DPO. It was also our first try, so I'm not sure how I'm going to feel if I get a BFN at 11dpo this time. For what it's worth, I tested this am at 8DPO and then came out to the beach and ordered a Bloody Mary. If I wasn't on vacation, I probably would've waited 3 more days. I have 2 FRERs left and 4 days left before we head home, so I'm gonna do my best to skip testing tomorrow.

    I agree with @bornready you should probably turn an early response test today if you're pregnant, so I would go for it. Just be prepared that it could be not the answer you're looking for. FX fir a BFP!
  • Peeeeeee! Now. 

    With my last pregnancy, I tested positive with a wondfo 8 dpo.  With my daughter I tested negative 10 dpo, but was pregnant. 
  • Lol. I'm going to wait until Saturday. Thanks everyone. 
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