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Bobbing Baby

I didn't see a post like this and I searched but didn't find anything. If there already is one, please let me know.

So my boy 'dropped' sometime in my 33rd week. He had been head down since around 29 weeks. I have had all of the "pre-labor" signs and symptoms (lost plug, dull back ache, loose BM, contractions, 50% effaced and 2.5cm dialated). Now at 35+4 he suddenly decided to disengage and lay across my stomach instead.

I never experienced this with my two older children. Once they dropped and engaged, it was like that until they came (they both dropped around 34-35 weeks and were born on their due dates).

Has anyone else had this happen? Should I be worried about him getting back into position? There's not much room left in there and he's getting bigger everyday. I'm just at a loss for what to do (or if there's anything I can or should do).

Just curious if anyone has any experience with a similar situation. Thank you.
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