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Abdominal pain

Late last night I started getting pains in my upper abdomen. I am pretty sure it isn't contacting I am not feeling any pain in my back or lower abdomen.
It is a sharp stabbing pain right below my sternum. I thought it might be gas build up but it has been going on and off for almost 10 hours.
Just wondering if anyone has has this or if it is something to be concerned about. If it is has build up is there anything I can take to help ease it?


  • Heartburn? Indigestion? Your stomach is just up right under your ribs now. Try some tums or a glass of milk. Otherwise call your doc. At this point in pregnancy everything is suspect!
    6 & 2 year old, 2 losses
  • What PP said, or possibly gall bladder. Hope it gets better!
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