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Baby Shower Favors?

I'm hosting my sister's shower in a week and a half, and I am stumped as to whether or not there should be favors. I've only been to a few baby showers, including my own, and some had favors (mine had a recipe card and some trail mix) and some did not. Are they necessary? If so, anyone have any ideas for something inexpensive that won't get thrown away the instant they get home?

We're doing the shower pretty casual, at my mom's house with appetizers and dessert, about 25 guests total. The theme is Classic Pooh. It needs to be something not too time-consuming, I have a 9 week old and am traveling cross-country, so I'll only have a couple of days to prep.

Re: Baby Shower Favors?

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    After thinking about it long and hard, i've concluder that nobody needs tiny things that has engraving on it, especially if its not functional or doesnt match the guest's home decor.
    Food is the best so we ordered the bulk package of 320 Lindt chocolates ($89). If we have 40 guests (we're doing a co-ed shower) they'll each get 8. Hope this helps.
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  • I've only been to one shower that had favors. They were mini OPI nail polishes and a mini nail file. I did not have favors at my shower. 

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  • I was going to tell my mom not to bother with favors, I don't think they're necessary. But she did little gift bags of salt water taffy. 
  • When I hosted a shower last summer the theme was "vintage books". Think baby's breath in vases, lots of books both new and antique, pin wheels, wood blocks, and wood crates. I did glass bottled root beer and cream soda with tags that said "Thank you for 'popping' in!" They were very well received, doubled as a bit of decor, and was a nice refreshing treat on that very hot July afternoon. As others have said, favors are not needed. But edible is always the best route in my book. 
  • A friend gave away homemade facescrub and little cookie cutters that were a bird with a little bird inside. I did use them once. I thought those were nice. I have no idea if they are necessary though.
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  • PYLWhammy said:
    If your guests can't eat it, don't bother. That's my philosophy when it comes to favors.
    QBF This... even if its just some hershey kisses or m&m's in a little bag...
  • swflJD said:
    I don't think favors are necessary, and I didn't do them when I hosted my sister's shower this past October.  We had lots of food and candy with small bags in case anyone wanted to take candy home.  But, if you want to do them, what about doing tiny jars of local honey or tubes of Burt's Bees lip balm with a ribbon and tag that says something like, "Thanks for 'beeing' part of [sister's name]'s special day." I don't know...when I think of Pooh, I think of honey/honey bees, etc.
    Many candy stores have little honey sticks (think pixie-stick size tubes filled with flavored honey). Stick a few together with a ribbon and a cute saying and you're good to go. 
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  • My host did nail polish and Chapstick. Idk about the nail polish, but I loved the chap stick 
  • My mom was so excited that she told me the favors she ordered and I thought it was a really cute idea, hope my guests like this....The shower is a nautical theme so they ordered salt water taffys to put in bags. I'm so excited. I asked if I could help put the favor together and ya know polish off any extra that may be left over hahaha.
  • Waste of time and money in my opinion. Most guests throw favors away or they end up getting lost at the bottomless pit that is their purse (in my case, anyway. 
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